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This is a story of survival in a strange new world.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Digimon Anime, Digimon Survive presents a brand-new adventure set in a mysterious world with characters designed by Uichi Ukumo, and music by the much-acclaimed Tomoki Miyoshi.

Digimon Survive sees a brand-new group of teenagers, led by Takuma Momozuka, get lost on a school camping trip, finding them transported to a strange new world of monsters and danger.

As they fight their way back home through an animated world of difficult decisions and deadly battles, players’ choices throughout the game will impact the evolution of their monster allies, and the final ending. Battles in the game are fought in 2D, in a more classic SRPG style.

Key features

Gorgeous Anime style graphics

A darker tale about survival and friendship

A story that evolves following the player’s choices and actions

Enjoy tactical RPGs combats with over 100 Digimon


1 / 8

Takuma Momozuka & Agumon

Takuma Momozuka

A normal junior high-schooler, from a normal family.
One day, he and his friends joined a camping field trip.
But a mysterious force took him away, and threw him into another dimension



A reptile monster; that looks like a tiny dinosaur.
He first encountered Takuma in this bizarre dimension.
Going forward, the way Agumon Evolves will depend on Takuma.

Kaito Shinonome & Dracmon

Kaito Shinonome

A local boy, the older brother of Miu.
He hates anything that isn’t fair and has an overall strong sense of justice, although he is prompt to violence to solve his issues, especially if he needs to protect his sister.



Kaito‘s partner is a trickster who loves mischief but also knows when to be serious to keep him for acting too rashly and putting them in danger.

Miu Shinonome & Syakomon

Miu Shinonome

Younger sister of Kaito. A mysterious local girl with a unique personality, fascinated by the occult.
Her eccentric behavior can initially confuse people as she tends to speak in riddles.



A crustacean monster-type with a very practical personality and a ton of common-sense.
Syakomon and Miu quickly became friends as they keep each other grounded.

Shuuji Kayama & Lopmon

Shuuji Kayama

Shuji Kayama, the oldest member of the group joined the camp the alleviate some of his daily life pressure from trying to be a prodigy for his family.
He was the leader in the camp, but lost his footing in this alternative world.



A beast-type monster with three horns.
Innocent and childish with a carefree attitude that seems to clash his Shuuji’s vision of life.

Saki Kimishima & Floramon

Saki Kimishima

A junior high school student who is natural and free; always honest with herself and never afraid to share how she feels.
A Natural optimist even in the face of danger.



A flower-type monster with a frank personality that appears to be a perfect match for Saki.

Ryo Tomonaga & Kunemon

Ryo Tomonaga

A third-year junior high school student who cannot fathom having arrived in a different world.
He puts on a brave face but cannot hide his fear from this unexpected situation and encounter with Digimons.



A larva-type monster that cannot speak human language, but understands what Ryo says and feels towards him.

Minoru Hyuga & Falcomon

Minoru Hyuga

The light-hearted optimist, and the joker of the class.
He can easily break the ice and appease the group.
However, in some case he can get too excited to a point where he gets into troubles.
He’s not a fan of confrontation, and often tries to avoid it by joking in the face of danger.



A bird-type monster, originated from the high mountains.
A monster with strong and firm character, who supports the clumsiness of Minoru.
However, sometimes he can even be more clumsier than Minoru himself…

Aoi Shibuya & Labramon

Aoi Shibuya

She’s the representative of her class, with a quiet, serious, and discreet personality.
She is calm in difficult circumstances, as she was already used to cope with unreasonable requests from her classmates.
In the mysterious world, she is the one who’s in charge of the food and base as one of the elder of the group.



A beast-type monster, in form of a dog.
Contrary to the discreet Aoi, Labramon always get straight to the point when she talks.
A balance between different personalities, she and Aoi will support each other through the adventure.


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PEGI 12+
USK 12

©Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation
©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc

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