Unknown 9: Awakening heroine, Haroona, in her signature adventurer outfit.

Attention Quaestors-in-training: the official Haroona Cosplay Guide is here! Packed with high-resolution full-body renders and closeups, find out how to secure the guide for yourself and take note of all the details you’ll need to recreate Haroona’s signature look.

Four full-body renders showing the front, back and profile of Unknown 9: Awakening heroine, Haroona.

Up Close and Personal: Haroona’s Face and Hair

Haroona is an Umbric adventurer on the verge of stepping into her power. The journey she embarks on in our action-adventure game takes her through the windswept deserts of the Sahara, into the dense jungles of Northern India, across secluded mountain villages, and beyond.

Given the little time she has for preening, she sticks to the basics, lightly lining her eyes with kohl while keeping the rest of her face bare.

Closeup renders showing the front, back and profile of Haroona's face and hair.

Haroona’s chestnut-brown hair is pulled back into a braid and adorned with a silver hair brooch to keep it out of the way while she Peeks into the Fold and performs Stepping attacks on unsuspecting Ascendants.

The two sections framing her face are tucked behind her ears to form a partial middle part. Weaved into her locks are turquoise, yellow, red, and orange string hair wraps that run from the wisps at the front to the end of her ponytail, forming distinctive chunks.

A closeup of the fabric used to create Haroona's outfit as well as her accessories.

Gear designed to withstand Unknown 9: Awakening’s every element.

Inspired by turn-of-the-century explorers, Haroona’s attire consists of comfortable, functional, and durable materials.

Shades of yellow and red ochre paint her as a beacon of light amidst the darkness. After all, she’s blazing a trail into the Unknown, uncovering the long-forgotten details of our collective past.

A view of the back of Haroona's outfit, including her cape and hood as well as her leather arm straps and belt pouch.

Adorned in linen, crepe, and swede, and accessorized in durable leather, metal, and silver goods, this powerful Quaestor is ready to face Unknown 9: Awakening’s countless obstacles.

Trappings fit for the most powerful Quaestor.

Danger lurks at every corner of Unknown 9’s expansive universe. Haroona’s accessories ensure she’s prepared to take on whatever comes her way.

Eagle-eyed fans will notice Haroona sports a leather glove on one hand while the other is tightly bound in protective leather straps. Though both do their share of heavy lifting, the latter is her go-to fighting fist she uses to perform light and heavy Umbric attacks, perfect Pull strikes, Pushes, and more.

Haroona's outfit accessories include a fingerless glove, Shade bracers made of an unknown metal, and her radio.

Shade Bracers

Haroona’s Shade Bracers were bestowed upon her by Reika—a master wielder of the Umbric arts. They are perhaps one of the most intriguing and powerful accessories she sports.

Traced back to the Sahin civilization, bracers allow their wearer to better channel Am directly from the Fold, increasing the variety of Umbric abilities they can wield while also amplifying their intensity.

Made of an unknown metal, they emit a sage green glow when Haroona uses them. However, she isn’t the only Quaestor to don this type of accessory. Though hers are legitimate Sahin artifacts, a more modern replication does exist. Have you spotted the wearer yet?

Haroona's prized amulet, made of an unknown metal and shaped to resemble a hooded figure hovering over what looks like a keyhole.

The amulet

This special pendant’s significance has been lost to time. Its shape is that of a hooded figure hovering over a conspicuous keyhole motif. Made of an unidentifiable material, this relic seems both impervious to wear yet deeply marked by eons of time.

When she gave it to Haroona, Reika would only tell her that it was a symbol of family, or a cause that is larger than oneself. The question is, how will it serve you and Haroona on your mission? Only time will tell…

Haroona's radio, which allows her to communicate with her companions.

The radio

Gifted to Haroona by a fellow Quaestor, this device is proof that the Leap Year Society has always had access to next-generation technology. The handy radio allows her to communicate with her companions over the course of her journey and proves critical in helping her escape the stickiest of situations.

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