Twin Mirror - Night of the Vandal

12 December 2018

By Nicholas Waldron

A vandalism epidemic that has been plaguing Basswood was last night put to a dramatic halt by the Basswood P. D., who finally managed to catch a number of the culprits red-handed at the scene of the crime. The suspects were detained by officers as they began to deface an abandoned site, rumored to have been bought as part of a new redevelopment deal.


Officer Declan Stephenson told the Jungle: “We’ve had our ear to the ground on this one. A number of tip-offs from concerned residents meant that we had a little forewarning as to the time and location of the incident that took place last night. We were able to position several officers in the vicinity, and after that, it was a simple case of sitting and waiting. I can confirm that we have video evidence of the incident and that we were able to secure three suspects in police custody”. Police are appealing to anyone with further information to come forward.


Although the names of those arrested cannot be revealed at this current time, it’s heartening to see our police department taking a firm stance against anti-social behavior. Our town may be facing its fair share of problems, but we can still send a firm message to those wishing to break the law; Basswood is not afraid of you.

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