Twin Mirror - All Change

2 January 2019

By Walter Dotson: Editor-in-Chief, Basswood Jungle

As you may have noted when you picked up today’s copy, the Greenbriar Examiner has undergone something of a transformation and become the Basswood Jungle. But fear not dear readers - I can most certainly assure you that the quality and content of the paper you have grown to know and (I hope) love will not be diminished by this alteration.


So why the change? Well, over the past few years, our town of Basswood has undergone a particularly intense period of transition. In light of this, it seems only fitting that the town’s paper should adapt too.


It is no secret that the town’s prosperity has continually declined, highlighting the fragile dependence Basswood has with the mine. Despite this, it is encouraging to see that our community is not prepared to sit by and let stagnation take hold. Already the Mayor has tabled a meeting with key local residents to explore ways to reinvigorate the town and encourage investment into the area.


I will gladly confess to having a vested interest in the revitalization of Basswood. I sincerely hope to see local industry booming once more, and finally able to bring some much-needed revenue back into the local economy. Basswood is what this paper has always been about, but our new name reflects a reinvigorated focus on the concerns and the successes that we see in our home community.


So, let me formally introduce you to the Basswood Jungle. As we move through this time of change and transition, it’s time to look at our community anew and discover the gems hidden in this unique town.

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