Meet Joan Waldron

31 October 2018

Basswood resident and Sam’s goddaughter. Joan is a smart, perceptive kid who tends to be more comfortable around adults than children her own age.

She spent a lot of time hanging around Sam and her dad – Nick Waldron - while growing up, particularly at the Basswood Jungle (the local newspaper) offices and the old fishing shack. Nick and her mother were divorced, and he tended to treat her like a mini-adult anyway. It all seemed completely normal.


When Sam abruptly left town it was a crushing blow to Joan. She wasn’t nearly old enough to understand the rip tide of adult relationships that yanked one of the people she depended on out of her life. She withdrew into her own bubble of comic books, cartoons, and science. Science makes sense, and in comic books, the hero always finds a way to save the day.

That was enough for a while. Then, the car crash happened.

Now, with Sam back in town for her dad’s funeral, she’s struggling to make sense of a stew of contradictory feelings and lashing out at her mom, at Sam, at Anna, at just about anyone who gives her an excuse. It’s kind of a mess, and she’s doing the best she can.

At least one thing is clear to her: Sam owes her some answers.

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