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Ashley Tisdale discusses her experience as part of the cast of The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes - Second Part

House Of Ashes: Would you confront the monster – or run away? In the second part of this exclusive interview, Ashley Tisdale shares her own strategy to survive.


TANNER: So, who had the most trouble with the headsets and banging into things? I feel like in the beginning when you put that on for the first time and you're talking to somebody, you're like, "Oh, sorry about that!"

ASHLEY: I think the weird part is, is that, you know, with acting, what's so interesting is that usually it's like the connection between two and being in the moment, obviously. And so, I think it's been hard because you have to learn how to not touch each other. There's kissing scenes, you don't kiss. And so it's like very separate, which is so opposite of what you kind of learn through acting. So, that is something that we've kind of been like, "How do we do this? But it's like, now we're so used to it that we, like, come into it. And probably someone who's never seen it done before is just like, "What is this?"

TANNER: Cool! Now, I guess we have a couple of rapid fire questions that I’d like to hit you with as well. Ready for this? OK, so ...

ASHLEY: I'm ready!

TANNER: Explore on your own or in a group?

ASHLEY: I'm more of a group person!

TANNER: I feel like that's always the downfall where they're like, "Let's split up, let's go out on our own."

ASHLEY: I know! I like to do things on my own, but if I'm going to explore, I'm one of those people that I'm just like, Oh my gosh! Am I by myself? Oh, my gosh! Where is ... ? You know, where are people? Like, I just kind of like, I have to be in a group!

TANNER: OK, that's the smart approach.


TANNER: Would you confront the monster or run away?

ASHLEY: Personally, I probably would run away because I'm more of someone who has, like, exit strategies! So I'm like, “OK, if I'm faced with something that's scary, I will find the exit!”

TANNER: Yeah, that's usually the way to go!


TANNER: You think you can take it and then at the end, it's ... it never ends well.

ASHLEY: I know! I mean, I just have those nightmares where you're like trying to beat the bad guy, but then like it's slow-motion and you can't do it really well, and I'm like, "Oh, that's not good!"

TANNER: Yeah, I mean, you probably learn from this game itself, sometimes that it's better to run away.


TANNER: It's not as successful as you think it is.


TANNER: How about, horror or musical?

ASHLEY: I would say musical, yeah.

TANNER: It's less scary?

ASHLEY: It’s a little bit more light!

TANNER: Although, I feel like musicals, they have their own element of fear.

ASHLEY: I don't think so!

TANNER: No? I mean, for me I can't sing in front of people that's...


TANNER: ...the scariest thing.

ASHLEY: That would probably have been scary, yeah!

TANNER: I would rather fight a monster than have to sing in front of a crowd, I think.

ASHLEY: I'm a singer so it doesn't scare me!

TANNER: OK. Now, you yourself in this situation, so, say you are actually in this. How do you think you would fare? Do you think you'd be OK?

ASHLEY: I probably would have tapped out early on!

TANNER: Really?


TANNER: That would have been it, you'd be like, "No, I'm not going in there!"

ASHLEY: I’m like, “Nah!”It's pretty crazy! It's a really scary and action-packed game. So, it's a lot! And I think that for me, I'd just be like, "Ooh, this is a lot!"

TANNER: Well, now that they've got you in the game, they can put you in anything!

ASHLEY: I know, I'm so excited because I've never been able to play something like this!

TANNER: Yeah, OK! Well, that's good! Cool! Thank you for doing this, Ashley!

ASHLEY: Thank you!


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The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of intense, stand-alone cinematic horror games combined with powerful storytelling and unique multiplayer modes.

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