TEKKEN: Blood Feud graphic novel now available

19 December 2017

This December 19th sees the release of TEKKEN: Blood Feud – a new TEKKEN graphic novel that brings the fight right to the page in a bid to determine the true King of Iron Fist!


Written by Cavan Scott, with art from Andie Tong, this new graphic novel features a host of memorable Tekken characters including Heihachi Mishima, Yoshimitsu, Paul Phoenix, Nina Williams and more!


The story:

The Mishima family feud has raged for generations, consuming the lives of everyone it touches, and bringing the world to the edge of destruction. Now, an ancient power has arisen, one that could finally bring the bloodshed to an end.

But who will find it first?

Jin Kazama assembles an elite squad of fighters to recover the mysterious Artefact 333 from the Mishima archives. With both his power-crazed grandfather Heihachi and scheming father Kazuya closing in, Jin must overcome the Devil that threatens to consume him once and for all.


Based of the biggest fighting video game franchise of all time, Tekken: Blood Feud brings fan-favourite fighters such as Paul Phoenix, Nina Williams, Ling Xiaoyu, Yoshimitsu, King and more to the comic page in an epic adventure full of high-kicking action and explosive intrigue. Get ready for the next battle!



Cavan Scott on TEKKEN: Blood Feud graphic novel:

The TEKKEN graphic novels tie-in with the latest game. What draws you to the unique characters in the roster?

Of course there’s the joy of writing another bout in the ongoing feud between Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin, but there’s also a huge cast of supporting characters to bring into the action, from the ice-cold Nina to the enigmatic Yoshimitsu. We’re trying to include as many fan favourites as we can in this story. The difficulty as a fan of the games is wanting to include them all! We certainly drew on a lot of the relationships between the characters, playing with the friendships, alliances and rivalries we’ve seen develop over the years.


What about those who’ve never played TEKKEN? Will they be able to follow the story?

Absolutely! While there’s a lot in the graphic novel to keep fans happy, the graphic novel also acts as a primer for newcomers to the TEKKEN saga. The history and backstory of the characters will be explored. 


What makes Andie Tong the perfect collaborator on TEKKEN?

Andie is a massive TEKKEN fan. I mean, huge! He knows these characters backwards and his art is so dynamic. The battles will blow you away, but he’s also a master of quieter, more character-led moments too. With Andie, a backward glance or a shift of the eyes can be just as devastating as a kick to the head! Trust me, these pages are incredible!


TEKKEN: Blood Feud graphic novel hits stores on 19th December and is available at all good bookstores and comic shops. Or order online now from

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