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Bandai Namco Europe announces European TEKKEN Cup and TEKKEN National & Regional Championships

Bandai Namco Europe announces new competitions aimed at developing and fostering local fighting game communities in Europe.


The competition will have two steps, first the TEKKEN National & Regional Championships, followed by the European TEKKEN Cup that will see the best players from these championships face each other. Players can now visit www.tekkencup.eu to get all the details about the new formats.


The first phase,  the TEKKEN National & Regional Championships will be held from Summer 2022 until Autumn 2022 in the following countries and regions:


Each TEKKEN National & Regional Championship will have a specific leaderboard on which local players can earn points participating in dedicated events. Only local players will be able to win points towards their local Championship. The best two players of each National Championship will be selected to participate in the European TEKKEN Cup.


The European TEKKEN Cup will be pitting the 8 National & Regional Champions and 8 runners-up against each other in early 2023 in Lyon, France with a €25000 cash prize and the chance to become the best European TEKKEN player.


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