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Tales of Luminaria Developer Letter #1

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced Tales of Luminaria, the latest title in the “Tales of” series for smartphones, at the "Gamescom Opening Night Live," which marks the start of Gamescom, one of Europe's largest gaming events held every August.


Currently, only the title and the teaser movie have been released, but here are some messages from the Tales of series and Tales of Luminaria producer members. Let’s get their thoughts on this title!


Mr. Yusuke Tomizawa (General IP producer of the entire "Tales of" series. He is also the producer of the latest console game title, Tales of Arise.)

Mr. Yasuhiro Ikeno (After working on Tales of Link, he was the producer of Tales of the Rays. He is currently in charge of all "Tales of" titles for smartphones.)

Sugi (Localization Producer for Tales of Luminaria)


From Yusuke Tomizawa

Did you see the video from Gamescom Opening Night Live?

This title Tales of Luminaria will be the first new release in the “Tales of” series following the console game Tales of Arise.

Thankfully, the “Tales of” series, which has been loved and played by so many people, has reached its 25th anniversary. Thank you very much.

In order to continue creating works that will be enjoyed by people all over the world, we have decided to make this year a year of challenge. Therefore, we have announced Tales of Arise as a challenge for console games and Tales of Luminaria as our challenge for smartphone.

Tales of Arise is based on the theme of "inheritance and evolution," while Tales of Luminaria is a title that we have created under the theme of "possibilities and discoveries". We wish to further expand the "possibilities" of the brand and have people "discover" its appeal once again, as we work towards our goal of increasing the number of fans around the world.

Please look forward to a magnificent drama depicted with a volume of content that surpasses that of previous original titles, as well as the appeal of this smartphone RPG that can be enjoyed with easy-to-use controls!


From Yasuhiro Ikeno

This title will be the first completely original title for smartphones. None of the previous series characters will appear in this title, so you will have the experience of following the encounters and growth of an all-new cast of characters. I think it would be a great game to for those who have never played the “Tales of” series before.

Our goal is to create a game that allows anyone to experience the charm of “Tales of” anytime, anywhere in the smartphone form factor.

Also, as you can see in the trailer, the game is played in portrait mode. Please note the expressions and movements of the characters that can only be experienced with this vertical display.

We're also very particular about the character designs, but we’ll talk about that next time.


Tales of Luminaria is a game that we have put a lot of effort into creating a smartphone unique experience to enjoy. So, please look forward to our first completely new, original title for smartphones, Tales of Luminaria and we hope you will feel its "possibilities and discoveries"!


From Sugi

Hello! Hope you have enjoyed the trailer.

While we can't tell you much about the release date for this title yet, we can say that we're aiming for simultaneous distribution worldwide!

As our first original smartphone title, we want to make sure it also reaches our fans overseas. To achieve this, we’re challenging ourselves to have full English voice-overs for the first time in a “Tales of” smartphone title.

We also had overseas staff members play the game, and we are working hard on the UI and UX, taking in overseas perspectives.

Our goal is to create content that can be enjoyed by users worldwide and to have all our communication channels support this as well.

We will also be releasing a special video with more information about Tales of Luminaria after late September, so please look forward to it! The official date and time of this release will be announced on our official Twitter soon, so be sure to subscribe for all the latest info.


-Tales of Luminaria Official website
-Tales of Luminaria Twitter


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