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Tales Of Arise Expert Guide: take your game to the next level

Take your fighting style to the next level with these advanced combat tricks and improve your skill to progress faster and easier in Tales Of Arise. Here are some tips that will help you understand how you can get the most out of Combat Points, Artes and the different Characters’ Perks!

If you are a new player or If you already figured out the basics but still exploring the combat mechanics, you can read the Beginner Guide and the Intermediate Guide before diving into this one.

Let’s start with the Combat Points mechanic!


Acquiring More Combat Points
Once you’re accustomed to combat, you should focus on raising your Combat Points. This can be done in various ways, such as finishing off enemies with Boost Strikes and Mystic Artes, as well as landing Boost Attacks on enemies susceptible to them.

Combat Point Benefits
Higher Combat Points raise your Battle Chain Bonus, boosting the amount of EXP earned and the chance enemies will drop valuable materials. Thus, the better you fight and more Combat Points you earn, the faster your party can grow stronger.


1. Arte Proficiency and Awakening

Each character has three arte proficiencies. These proficiencies go up as a character uses artes of the corresponding type. Once a proficiency reaches a certain level, you can learn new artes by using an arte of the same type during combat.


2. Additional Arte Panels

You can now set 6 additional artes. Press [Triangle] on the Artes screen to switch between panels. Artes that are set to the second panel can be executed by pressing [L2] and either [Triangle], [Square] or [Cross].



3. Diminishing Returns in Combos

During a combo, if the same arte is used multiple times within four actions, its Penetration will decrease and enemies will recover from it sooner. Continually doing so will raise these penalties, making Artes half as effective at their harshest.


4. Perks (per character)

Each playable character in Tales Of Arise has their own Perks:

Alphen’s Perk

  • Flaming Edge: Alphen can sacrifice HP to use a Flaming Edge, a strong, wide-reaching Blazing Sword attack. To do so, hold [Triangle], [Square], or [Cross], which will trigger a Flaming Edge after he performs the corresponding arte. Flaming Edge moves cost no AG to use.



Shionne’s Perk

  • Sniper Blast: If you hold the button to throw a bomb, you’ll fire special ammo at a bomb after releasing it, making it detonate more strongly. Special ammo, shown to the right of AG, can be reloaded with [R1] when at 0, or by pressing [L2] and [R1] at any time.



Rinwell’s Perk

  • Magic Charging: While casting an arte, press and hold the arte button to delay activation until you let go. You can also press [R1] in this state to save it for later and charge it. Charged artes activate after your next attack/arte, and can be used in combos.



Law’s Perk

  • Awakening: When Law keeps attacking without getting staggered by any enemy attacks, his concentration builds, raising his Attack and Elemental Attack. This Awakened state wears off upon being staggered or failing to land any hits for a certain period.



Kisara’s Perk

  • Guard Ignition: Instead of evading, Kisara prefers to guard with her shield and can even trigger some artes while guarding. Successfully guarding raises her morale, making any artes unleased while guarding and resulting combos stronger and harder to block.



Dohalim’s Perk

  • Rod Extension: If Dohalim perfect evades an enemy attack, his senses become heightened and his rod will gain momentum, greatly extending his range. His penetration will also rise, letting hum interrupt enemies and land critical hits on them more often.



And that’s it for the Expert Guide! You now have the keys to build and improve your fighting style and defeat every zeugles and bosses that will cross your path! Nevertheless, we are not done with sharing with you tips & tricks in Tales Of Arise and you will find our last tips in the Pro Guide!


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