Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream CBT Report Part 2

SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream: Notification of CBT improvements Part Two

Thank you for participating in the CBT and for sending us your suggestions through the survey. More information on the improvements coming for SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured daydream, and a message from the development team!


Regarding the possibility to toggle the ‘automatic lock-on release’ feature ON and OFF
→ We will not add the option to turn it on and off.


As this feature is meant to prevent the camera from doing wild and unnatural movements when tracking enemies that can move out of the screen very quickly, such as during the big jumps of the Skull Reaper boss, we are not planning to include the option to turn it ON/OFF.


Regarding the future implementation of ‘Goddess Statues’
→ It will be available for select modes and select quests.


Goddess Statues will not be available in the Story Mode (offline mode), but there will be a Goddess Statue at the starting point of the Free Roam (online mode).

Players will be able to heal without going back to the home screen in the Free Roam mode. In other words, even though we added them as resting places, there will also be available when playing low-difficulty co-op missions. However, they will not appear on mid-difficulty missions and above, so it will be important to keep using the healings from Support characters and the healing items found inside the treasure chests instead.


Regarding the adjustments for the Fighter and Rogue roles
→ Adjustment will be done based on the roles.


The Fighter and Rogue roles will be adjusted to a certain extent, but they will not be the same. For example, we expect the Attack of the Fighter to be increased around 10%. The Rogue role is more specialized in attacking than the Fighter role, so we decided to increase its Base Attack a bit more.

In the same way, melee characters are much more likely to receive damage than shooting characters, so their Attack was increased at a higher ratio to compensate for this risk.

Of course, this is based on the current situation, and we will keep adjusting based on the game’s performance after release.


Regarding Button Configuration
→ We will add different kinds of button layouts to choose from.


We received many opinions about this, since each player is used to different kinds of button layout, especially about the sprint, dash, guard and lock-on button.

For this reason, we would like to add different button configuration patterns for these actions.

We will also consider adding other features that are often requested by the players.


sword art online fractured daydream cbt button configuration


More details on [Improvements to make it easier to equip/unequip accessories]

In the CBT it was not possible to remove the accessories on the ‘customize screen’ to leave only the essential equipment, so we now made it possible to remove the accessories and Passive Skills.
We also received some comments from players mentioning that they didn’t know how to remove the decorations, so we decided to make that process easier as well.
On top of that, the full version of the game will include information about the Elemental Weaknesses of the bosses in the Quest Select screen, as well as a clear description of the necessary equipment for each quest.


More details on [Adjustment of the difficulty of the Tower Missions]


We will adjust the difficulty to make these missions easier to complete when there are fewer players.
We also increased the rate at which the bar raises when operating the terminal with just a few players at the same time, so having 3 players access the console while a team of 2 players & NPC distract the enemies will also be possible.


More details on [Correction of some effects that are hard to distinguish]


We received some comments stating that the effects that accompany the execution of ‘perfect’ actions, such as the Perfect Dodge, are hard to see. Therefore, we made some adjustments to make them more visible for the players.
Some users also mentioned that it was hard to distinguish between the similar colors of related items that were being dropped during the quests, such as healing items and the Quartz that increases the player’s HP, so we are planning to adjust these colors as well.
Besides that, we also corrected other several types of effects.
We will also add a choice for the effects inside the Settings menu, where players can choose between ‘Display All’, ‘Simplified Display’ and ‘Display Self Only’. Players who find it difficult to distinguish all the effects that appear on-screen at the same time might want to try out these settings.


sword art online fractured daydream cbt display effects


More details on [Adjust the parameters for the special effects of the equipment]


We made some corrections to avoid giving unfavorable effects to the characters, for example, having ‘Melee Attack Damage UP’ in an accessory for Ranger characters. Besides that, we will also correct some of the item’s effects, adjusting them to have more of a Legendary quality.
We are also preparing a ‘Synthesis’ feature for the full game, which will allow players to transfer the special effects from one piece of equipment to another. This will make it more fun for advanced players who want to master this mechanic to experiment and choose their equipment carefully, and we also want to prepare a way of playing that capitalizes on this feature.


Other planned improvements


This is more of a complementary aspect than a change or an improvement, but we also received some requests from players who are not good at or are not that familiarized with online multiplayer games yet, mentioning that they would like to have a space where they can practice alone. This was not implemented for the CBT, but the offline Story Mode and Free Roam (which as the name suggests, allows the player to move around freely despite being an online mode) can be used to get used to the controls before moving on to the online multiplayer. We are also preparing dedicated tutorials inside the Story Mode to learn how to use the flying characters, shooting characters, etc.


sword art online fractured daydream cbt adjustment parameters


Regarding paid loot boxes


We are not planning to include any paid content in the form of the so-called loot boxes.


Regarding future CBT plans


The participants for the CBT were chosen through a lottery system and unfortunately some of the applicants were unable to play, so we are considering some way of giving them another chance to try out the game. Please stay tuned for future announcements.


Message from the Director and the Producer


Shuichi Goto
Dimps Corporation
Director of SWORD ART ONLINE Fatal Bullet
Director of SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream


Before starting the development for SWORD ART Online Fractured Daydream, Bandai Namco Entertainment asked us if we could make a game that ‘can be played co-op with many players, just like in the original anime’. To achieve that, we needed to have our own servers. So, we created the servers and ran some technical tests to accommodate a large number of players. It was only after we verified that everything was working correctly, that we started working on the development of the title.


Looking back at all the technical research we did in the beginning; we feel very excited now that the project is nearing its completion.


Also, we are very glad to hear that there are many users who are waiting for this title because it was developed by the same team behind Fatal Bullet. This title has some of the shooting action from Fatal Bullet, and a gameplay that demands the use of stronger weapons and accessories as you keep progressing. You can also customize the appearance of the characters by equipping several outfits and decorations. I believe that those who liked Fatal Bullet will also enjoy this game.


Shohei Mogami
Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Producer of SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream


As mentioned by Goto-san, the completion is just around the corner. It might be taking longer than we expected, but we needed some time to incorporate the changes from the feedback of the CBT into the final product. We would like to apologize to all the players who are waiting for this title, and to thank them for their patience and understanding.


Going forward, as SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream will be cross-platform compatible, we hope that players can enjoy co-op action together around the globe! We will keep releasing more details before the release, such as information about the playable characters and exhibition at events around the world, so please stay tuned to our official channels.


Thank you for your continued support for SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream.




SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream is set to release in 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and STEAM.


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