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SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris Ver2.02 Patch Notes

Dear Sword Art Online fans,

Thank you for playing SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris,

The latest patch “Ver.2.02” has been released to fix major / minor bugs and improve overall gameplay. Please see below for details.



- An option to retry a battle has been added for the final battle of each chapter during the first major expansion DLC, Blooming of Forget-me-not.

*Retrying allows players to challenge the enemy with a lower difficulty

- On occasions where the Blooming of Forget-me-not scenario cannot be started, such as when the raid quest "Ancient Apostles" is in progress, a message will now be displayed at the start of the quest.

- Fixed the issue where items would get sent to the storage, making the progression impossible in the Underground Water Labyrinth

- Fixed the issue which caused the user to lose progress when moving from the Lodell Desert to another map at certain occasions.

- Fixed the issue where characters will get stuck in certain walls during the main story of Blooming of Forget-me-not.

- Fixed the issue in which the newly added "Trial Statue Quest" for the Blooming of Forget-me-not DLC did not appear correctly in the quest list. 

- Fixed the issue where certain enemies would not appear in the Lodell Desert when the difficulty is set to normal.

- Changed Battle Skills/Passive Skills on certain weapons and accessories.

- Changed the skill for the bracelet accessory; XT Charm Bangle.

*Changed the Passive Skill from “Enlightenment” to “Abandonment”.

- Fixed the issue where several Hat costumes added to CUBE series 3 could be equipped regardless of gender.

- Fixed the issue where incorrect icons had been displayed when using dyeing items added in CUBE series 3.



- Fixed other minor bugs and issues.

Thank you again for your continued support, patience, and feedback.


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SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris, the latest game based on one of the most popular Anime stories ever made, will immerse you into the perfectly represented virtual world “Underworld” set in the Alicization arc.

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