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SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris Ver1.20 Patch Notes

Dear Sword Art Online fans,
Thank you for playing SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris.


The latest patch “Ver1.20” has been released to fix major / minor bugs and improve overall gameplay.

Please see below for details.


New Additional Contents

  • Added free additional story update part #1 “Ancient Apostles: The Reaper of the Woods”
    This quest can be accepted after completing the main guest
    If the “Ancient Apostles: The Reaper of the Woods” does not start even if the main quest is complete, please try below.
    • If Cardinal is set as one of the party members, please remove her from the party.
    • If the player is in a dungeon, a village or a town, such as the Southern Corridor and Rulid village, please exit from the dungeon, village or town
  • Added “Mutated Beast” Quests
    This quest can be accepted after completing the “Ancient Apostles: The Reaper of the Woods”. Interacting with the monument allows the player to accept Raid Dungeon quests, located in North Centoria



  • Fixed the marker of the main quest temporarily disappearing during quests
  • Fixed the location of the Calamity Plants not immediately reflected on the mini-map when the main quest "The Three Keys" is in progress


Online Multiplayer

  • Fixed the “Super Arts” and the “STUN gauge” not synchronizing properly during multiplayer mode
  • Fixed the issue where unplugging the LAN cable while in the main menu may cause the player to be unable to proceed
  • Fixed the battle unintentionally resetting on certain occasions during multiplayer mode
  • Chain Bursts can now be triggered with online players

*Only applies to enemies that require network synchronization



  • Fixed the effect of the personal arts code "Sturdy Body" not properly reflected on the status screen
  • Fixed certain enemies not spawning while using the Anima “Cautious”
  • Adjusted the accuracy for battles against both enemies above Lv100, and below Lv100
  • Fixed Tiese’s sub episode being unable to proceed on certain occasions



  • Increased the level cap of the playable characters from 50 to 70
    *The level cap will be upgradable after completing “Ancient Apostles: The Reaper of the Woods”
  • Increased the level of weapons from 5 to 10
  • Changed the upper limit of the damage count from "999,999" to "99,999,999".
  • Fixed the descriptions of the battle skills, passive skills and add-ons listed below not matching the actual buff/debuff effects


Battle skills: Warrior of the Gods+, Echoes of Madness+

Passive skills: Rain Incarnation, Guardian's Stigmata, Mythic of Lurking, Mythic of Carnage, Blade Incarnation, Mythic of Ascension, Bloodblossom Stigmata, Binary Star Sword God

Add-on: Sage's Stigmata

  • Fixed the Battle skill “Liberation+” and “Falcon Fist+” not properly activating on certain occasions.



  • Fixed other minor bugs and issues



1. Details of Ancient Apostles: The Reaper of the Woods

  • Kirito and Sinon must explore the haunted woods
  • Defeat the Boss named Fatal Scythe to obtain a new costume and weapon for Sinon
  • Reaper of the Woods visual

2. Other additional contents

  • Mutated Beast Quests – By defeating the boss, you will obtain items to upgrade your equipment.
  • Level cap increase from 50 to 70.

Upcoming updates

  • Ancient Apostles: The Knights of Contradictions story – Tiese receives a letter from her uncle. In the letter, he shares information that will help the human army. Thus, the group sets out to see him.
  • Tiese 3D visual
  • SAOAL Update Milestone
  • CUBE VOL.2 – Vol. 2 coming in patch Ver.1.20!
  • Daily quest, game balance adjustment, level cap increase
  • Ancient Apostles series – New story will be added every 1-1.5 months
  • Mutated Beast Quests – A quest where you can obtain items to upgrade your equipment. The harder the quest, the higher the chance of obtaining upgrade items.
  • SAO Game series original playable heroines – planned to be added before the release of DLC #1. Stay tuned for more info!


Thank you again for your continued support, patience, and feedback.


Release Date:

SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris, the latest game based on one of the most popular Anime stories ever made, will immerse you into the perfectly represented virtual world “Underworld” set in the Alicization arc.

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