Large Scale Update for Hollow Realization!

This spring, Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization gets a free large scale update – Warriors Of The Sky – with 2 new DLC: Lord of The Inferno and Missing Chest


On March 14, 2017, prepare for the wider world of Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization to expand, with the must-awaited, free, major large scale update – Warriors Of The Sky – automatically available upon release for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita. This extension to our hit title is also set to include two downloadable content additions: Lord Of The Inferno and Missing Chest.

Compose your party of four and return to Ainground, where the Warriors Of The Sky expansion will bring you extra characters, bonus stages, Game System adjustments and extensions, as well as an all-new co-sleeping event and exclusive stories. As well as the classic Premiere, Kirito, Asuna and gang, you will be able to play alongside Seven or Rain from Sword Art Online: Lost Song, and watch their background story unfold. Unlock the Stalvatos Ruins stage and explore its battle arena-like structure and desolate terrain. Rank up your players to Level 80, and enjoy the boosted PvE Duel system, which now lets you battle monsters one-on-one.

The first of the DLC, Lord Of The Inferno, adds an original level accessible through the Blue Dragon Sanctum in the Stalvatos Ruins and allows you to challenge an enhanced version of the Raid Boss Kobold King once you have completed Warriors Of The Sky main story. The second, Missing Chest, offers additional assets with a treasure chest appearing next to the Shady Merchant in Teleport Plaza, filled with Gold that you can then exchange for items. But that’s not all! Eight new high-level dungeons including Dead and Alive or Trial of the Dragon, boasting even stronger enemies with shorter respawn times, will put your skills to the test as part of the Sacrament Dungeons 3 content update. Face startlingly difficult versions of previous bosses thanks to reinforced weapons, and earn rewards unlike any you have seen before.

All these unique areas and activities guarantee hours of extra fun at no additional cost, so get ready to lose yourself in yet another realm of Sword Art: Origins this spring.


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Follow Kirito in a new death game, meet the mysterious NPC Premiere and embark on an adventure with fierce raid boss battle in this RPG featuring MMORPG-like interface.
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