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SUPER ROBOT WARS 30 Explanation of the new system Tactical Area Select


The "Tactical Area Select" system allows players to complete missions (scenarios) scattered around the world according to their own strategies. Each area's mission will be released depending on various conditions.


In the "Strategy Phase" screen, you can enhance your robots and pilots, save and load the game, etc. When you select the "Move" command in the "Strategy Phase" screen, it will display the world map screen of the area where you are in now. Then select the point where the mission is occurring to start the mission.


"Area Missions" is the number of missions occurring in the current area.



As the story progresses You can move to other areas to other areas.


Special points displayed on the world map

1. Mission of XXs legacy

It is not directly related to the story, but you can get powerful enhancement parts by clearing it. However, they will not appear in the mission list, so you will have to search for them on the world map.


2. Fairy icon

Sometimes the message "DBD (Dimensional Border Distortion) occurs" appears at the top of the screen in the strategy phase.

After that, find the point on the world map where the fairy icon is displayed, and select it. A special event will occur.

However, if you complete a mission at another point, the fairy icon will disappear.


3. ! icon

If you go to the point where the "!" icon is displayed, a patrol mission will be triggered, and you will gain experience. You can get experience, etc.


Mission display

Selecting "Mission" in the Strategy phase will take you to the Mission screen.

Select the one you want to challenge from the mission list, and you will be taken to the point where it occurs, where you can start the mission. In addition, there are two types of missions: "Area Missions" (which occur on the world map) and "Onboard Missions" (which occur aboard the Dreistlager).

There are also missions that exist only on the world map and are not shown in the mission list.


1. Area missions




Credit (capital)

The points you get when you shoot down an enemy. These points are shared by the entire squad. and are consumed when strengthening robots and their weapons


PPPilot point

The points you get when you shoot down the enemy. These points are shared by the entire squad. and are consumed when strengthening pilot parameters or acquiring skills.


MXPMission experience point

The points you get when you complete a mission. It will be consumed when you upgrade Dreisstrager’s each facility
The details will be introduced in the next report.


2. In-ship missions

The in-ship mission is a mission that occurs in Dreisstrager. Those with a “...” icon on the far right are conversation-only missions, where you can view the sub-story of a particular character.




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