SOULCALIBUR VI Patch Notes Ver. 1.30

25 March 2019

A new patch is available today for SOULCALIBUR VI on PS4, XB1 and STEAM: update 1.30 implements changes in the battle system, stages, and improves the character balance.


Battle System

Reversal edges and guard impacts were designed to be used as methods of withstanding enemy attacks in exchange for spending a resource called "guard stamina," but there ended up being little difference between the guard stamina of players who used these moves often and those who used them rarely. This was mainly due to the relationship between the amount of guard stamina used by the moves and the amount of guard stamina the moves restored when successful. In version 1.30, the amount of guard stamina that is used has been increased, providing more opportunities to crush an opponent's guard when they make frequent use of reversal edges and guard impacts. For each character's unique actions with guard impact properties, due to restrictions on their timings and the attacks they repel, we have not decreased their guard stamina. This is in part to preserve each character's individuality.

As for controls improvements, we have made adjustments to a number of input windows, including advance inputs, movement, jumps, guard impacts, grapple breaks, reversal edge clashes, etc. These changes were made to reduce the number of instances in which characters would perform actions not intended by the players.


Battle Stages

The stages in SOULCALIBUR VI were made larger on the whole than previous entries in the series to account for the increased movement speed of the characters.

However, because more characters have combos that are able to push the opponent back a great distance, adjustments were made to each character's moves in versions 1.10 and 1.11 to reduce the frequency of opponents getting knocked out of the ring. In version 1.30, we've made further adjustments to decrease the frequency of ring outs, but rather than focusing on adjustments to characters' moves, we increased the size of two stages to make them easier to play on.


Camera Angles

In SOULCALIBUR VI, the focus distance of the camera is set to change depending on the size of the character, but in certain cases, this resulted in smaller characters getting cut off, so we limited the zoom distance. Also, when a character approaches the edge of a stage, the camera will detect the possibility of a ring out and will zoom out to a more elevated position to make it easier for the player to see their surroundings.

However, this large change in camera angle sometimes results in the motions of some moves becoming difficult to see, and we are currently investigating methods to alleviate this issue in a future patch.


All Characters

Large-scale adjustments were made to the character balance in versions 1.10 and 1.11, so in version 1.30 we wanted to focus more on behavioral adjustments. However, we did make balance adjustments and in some cases added commands to characters whose soul gauge usage favored either critical edges or soul charges more heavily, making their soul gauges easier to use in a greater number of situations.


Read the full patch notes here.

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Two decades after its first iteration, SoulCalibur VI returns to its roots while bringing brand-new gameplay features to the fight.