SOULCALIBUR VI Patch Notes Ver. 1.30

PS4/Xbox One/STEAM Ver1.30 Update Note (As of March 25th, 2019)

The Ver1.30 update includes improvements and modifications that addresses the following issues.

*Please note that once the patch is applied, the replay data from the previous versions can no longer be used due to the gameplay fixes and improvements.


The 4th DLC, the playable character “Amy” PS4® Xbox One  STEAM
This update includes compatibility support of the paid DLC4 “Amy”.

*Please note that “Amy” will be released on the 26th of March 2019
For more information about this new playable character please use the following link.


Additional Creation Parts PS4® Xbox One  STEAM
The following Creation Parts have been added:

  • Night Butterfly Dress
  • Night Butterfly Lace
  • Night Butterfly Boots
  • Night Butterfly Socks


Additional features PS4® Xbox One  STEAM
The following features have been added:

1. Controller settings can be accessed from the character selection screen of the “Versus” by pressing the “Option” button.

*The aforementioned button refers to the PlayStation®4 version.
*This additional feature cannot be used in “Casual Match” or “Training” modes.


2. Added additional options pertaining to the activation of the “Pause Menu”.
The following options be selected from the “Versus” regulation settings screen:

  • “Standard” : Pushing the “Options” button opens the pause menu, as per usual.
  • “Hold” : The game can only be paused by holding the “Options” button.This will reduce the risk of players pausing the game by accident.

 *The aforementioned button refers to the PlayStation®4 version.


3. The following options has been added to menu screen at the end of fights in “Versus” mode.

  • “Rematch on a random stage” : Rematch with the same opponent on a randomly selected stage.
  • “Stage Selection” : Return the player to the stage selection screen while keeping the already chosen characters and rematch with the same opponent.


4. In “Replay”, an erase feature has been added which can be used to delete all the old replay at once.


Gameplay adjustments PS4® Xbox One  STEAM

1.Adjusted some aspects of the battle mechanics and special moves.
  *Please go to this page for a detailed list of the adjustments:

2. Corrected some of the in-game text.


3. Improved the general stability and polish.


“Training” mode adjustments PS4® Xbox One  STEAM

1. Adjustments have been made so that the game remembers part of the settings and options within “Training” during the same game session.
* Please note that this additional feature does not pertain to the cursor position within the fighting style guides.


2. The “random” option has been added to the display system of the command input replay feature.


3. If players use the “touchpad” + “□ button” while using the command input replay feature within “Training”, they can change the replay modes.
  *The aforementioned button refers to the PlayStation®4 version.


4. Fix the instance in which slowdowns occur during “Training”.


5. Fixed the instance in which the game would unpause with open menus if players would press the “Options” button while the “Move Settings” window is open.
  *The aforementioned button refers to the PlayStation®4 version.

Adjustments pertaining to Creation Parts PS4® Xbox One  STEAM

  • “Arcane Knight Armor”, “Female Pirate Coat” have been changed not to get damaged during the battles.
  • Adjusted the customization settings not to allow the use of some of the other headgears when “Hermit's Hood” is equipped.

*This change only concerns creation parts that are not visible when “Hermit’s Hood” is equipped. There this does not affect the number of customization pertaining to the aforementioned item.

  • Fixed the instance in which the character’s body does not render properly when equipping armor for the arms while already wearing the “Baihu Coat” and the “Samurai's Haori”.
  • Fixed the chest area display bug that occurred while “Fetching Leotard” and “Parlor Blouse” are both equipped.
  • Changed the customization as to let both female and male characters equip the “Sanctified Cuisses” and “Arabian Slacks” at the same time.
  • Fixed display bugs that would occur when “Gym Shorts” is equipped.
  • Fixed instances in which the sticker would not display properly when applying it at the front face of the “Gym Shorts”.
  • Fixed instances in which machine lifeforms would appear on the “Character Viewing Screen” after selecting the “2B” fighting style
  • Fixed various bugs pertaining to customization parts.


Adjustments pertaining to “Libra of Soul” PS4® Xbox One  STEAM

The conditions under which the title “Azure Nightmare” can be obtained during the “In Father's Name” mission will be softened.

After the changes, the title will be obtainable by meeting the following conditions:
1. Completing the following mission: “Schwarzwind: Feelings Shared”
2. Completing the following mission: “Unsung Hero”.

*For players who are already meeting the required conditions, the “In Father's Name” mission will be automatically available.


Adjustments pertaining to “Libra of Soul” PS4® Xbox One  STEAM

1. The following corrections were made in order to improve the matchmaking quality of “Ranked Match” and enhance general network stability.

  • Removed the “Language” and “Area” filters from the search option.
  • The “ping/connection” filter has been set to “more than 4 Bars” by default.


2. In “RANKED MATCH”, the limits of the rematch option have been removed.


3.Fixing the instance in which the players would be unable to move after the start of the round in “Casual Match”.


4. Added “ping/connection” indicator which is displayed in the lower-middle part of the screen during fights both in “Ranked Match” and “Casual Match”.


Regarding users who are in violation of the EULA (the software license agreement).

  • Providing a safe and fun gaming experience for players all around the world is one of our core pillars which why we are following strictly our company policy which is to BAN players that have violated the agreed upon rules. As we will continue to enforce this policy, please understand that being in violation of the EULA can result in a BAN.

*We are continuously investigating any and all other potential issues. Please understand that we are proceeding in an orderly fashion. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.




Release Date:

Two decades after its first iteration, SoulCalibur VI returns to its roots while bringing brand-new gameplay features to the fight.

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