Soulcalibur VI : Future Game System Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

3 December 2019

In regard to SOULCALIBUR VI, updates including improvements and modifications that address the following issues will be released at a later date*. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your continued support.

*Some of them are already mentioned HERE


Game System Adjustments

PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®

  • Common to all characters: When a player activates Reversal Edge clash by holding down the buttons, a player will not be able to select “Forward Step”, “Side Step”, or “Back Step” unless the held down buttons are released.
  • Common to all characters: The behavior of characters when they guard from side step and back step has inadvertently changed.
  • Common to all characters: Jump action tends to be accidentally being performed.
  • Azwel: “Evil Sword’s Embrace” does not play properly under certain conditions in "TRAINING".
  • Mitsurugi: "Prime Moon Shadow Rush" is difficult to avoid by aerial control.
  • Mitsurugi: "Tanegashima Terror" cannot block some projectile attacks. It also sometimes inadvertently misses an opponent.
  • Mi-na: the amount of guard stamina "Rising Exalted Blade (held)" reduces is markedly high.
  • Taki: the wrong attack area is listed in the move list of "Stalker Cloud". She is able to move faster than intended after the attack.
  • Maxi: the damage of the combo that use "Jewel of the Deep" is markedly high.
  • Voldo: when he does "Pitfall Kick" or "Pitfall Marionette" while being soul charged, the start-up is much sooner than intended.
  • Sophitia: when "Seraphim Castigation" becomes a lethal hit, the 3rd lightning bolt hit does not fall. The expected evading and tracking performances are not set. It is usable as a guard crush.
  • Siegfried: when "High Kick Beta" becomes a lethal hit, its ring out performance is much higher than intended. 
  • Xianghua: the correct animation is not played in a certain Battle Victory scene.
  • Yoshimitsu: the tracking of "Samsara Pandemonium (held)" while being soul charged is much higher than intended.
  • Yoshimitsu: “Spectral Blade” is not treated as a projectile command.
  • Nightmare: Terror Charge will be cancelled when using "Grim Fang".
  • Nightmare: the start-up of "Sable Destruction" is much slower than intended.
  • Cervantes: the attack area of "Iceberg Circular" is not set properly, and it cannot be avoided by 8WAY-RUN.
  • Cervantes: the intended damage scaling is not set in "Dead Compass".
  • Raphael: attacks from “Arriere Gambit” hits an opponent all the time even when an opponent is guarding after either fully holding or successfully deflecting Reversal Edge.
  • Raphael: lethal hit does not get triggered properly with "Twin Vipers".
  • Tira: she is able to do “Resist Impact” during the guard impact.
  • Zasalamel: after the end of "Enkidu's Glance", he inadvertently turns towards an opponent.
  • Zasalamel: Opponents cannot block lower attacks after guarding a magical spell with 3 curses.
  • Grøh: his soul charged state does not end when he keeps doing "Guilt Seeker" in succession.
  • Geralt: even when he hits an opponent with "Precision Aard Pummel", Aard Push does not get counted as a hit.
  • Geralt: Difficult to do “Quen Invade” from “Cleaving Pirouette ~ Glyph of Quen”.
  • Geralt: the command input of follow-up attacks from “Splintered Sternum” differs when he is on the 1P side and 2P side.
  • Tira: Cannot do “Killer Cacophony” when she is in Gloomy Coda while not soul charged.
  • 2B: she moves much faster than intended following "Shifted Revolving Slash" and "Shifted Projectile Blade".
  • 2B: when the 1st attack of “Mobilize: Piercing Assault (First Class)” hits an opponent in mid-air, somehow the 2nd attack will not hit an opponent in succession.
  • 2B: Guard stamina will not get restored when analysis points are increased by “Suppression: Support Thrust” or “Suppression: Unarmed Leg Throw”
  • Hilde: the lethal hit of "Royal Spear Zephyr Wolf" does not play properly in the move list (in order to trigger the lethal hit, she needs to guard crush with the 1st attack of "Royal Spear Zephyr Wolf", and successfully hit with the 2nd attack while the opponent is stunned.
  • Hilde: "Lightning Horn" inadvertently hits an opponent in succession.
  • Hilde: after she hits an opponent with "Noble Rule", depending on the opponent character, the follow-up attack become successful all the time.
  • Overall Soul Attacks: we are going to fix the issue that it tend to miss an opponent inadvertently. We are also considering of re-adjusting the performances of the moves that are much more powerful than intended (Ivy, Xianghua, Cervantes, etc.)
  • We are also investigating how to address other issues, such as the issues regarding moves that tend to miss an opponent inadvertently .
  • Equipment Damage Settings of “Crown Princess Series” are not set.
  • Grøh’s fighting style/Kilik’s fighting style: equipment of an original character created with these fighting styles gets damaged when performing a soul charge.
  • TRAINING: for brand new moves added in Season 2, we will add special commands for training purpose to make it easier for players to practice combos from some moves that become lethal hits if certain conditions are met.
  • RANKED MATCH: we are going to reduce the amount of RP the higher ranked players can get from winning a match with the lower ranked players.
  • RANKED MATCH: we are going to fix an issue that the screen sometimes freezes when a player hits OPTION button repeatedly at the end of a following match after their rank either moved up or down.
  • CASUAL MATCH: With certain command, a player is somehow able to select a training mode “Grand Labyrinth – Sealed Corridor”.


Missing Texts

PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®

  • 2B: Information regarding "Restore Guard Stamina" is not mentioned in Notes of "Moves that Award Analysis Points" and "{cmd_A}+{cmd_B}+{cmd_K} during Aerial Leap" in the move list.
  • Hilde: The fact that Hilde would be treated as being in a mid-air state when she "Side Steps" after reversal edge hit is not mentioned in "Reversal Edge Guide" in Combat Lesson


Incorrect Texts on the Battle Adjustment List

PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®

Texts of the following moves on the “Battle Adjustment List” for Update Ver. 2.00 are incorrect.

Tira: “Bremen Fortissimo (Jolly)”

  •  Increased the attack’s base damage.
  •  Increased the chances of triggering a personality change.
  •  Adjusted the attack to allow the character to move first upon hit.
  •  Added scaling to the move’s combo damage.


  •  Increased the chances of triggering a personality change.
  •  Decreased the length of stun inflicted by 1 frame when the attack hits as a normal hit.
  •  Decreased the opening by 7 frame when the attack lands and does not trigger a personality change.

Talim: “Arctic Winds”

  •  The command written is incorrect.

Geralt: “Alzur’s Double-Cross”

  •  The command written is incorrect.


Seong Mi-na: “Wild Monsoon”

  • The command written is incorrect.


 We are continuously checking and investigating other unexpected issues.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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