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A Park Beyond Update from Gamescom 2022!

Good to see you again, Visioneers! We're so pleased to be back and we have so very much to tell you about Park Beyond!


First things first, let's answer a question that so many have been asking since the game was revealed: Does Park Beyond have a modular building system? WELL! Our latest trailer featuring Alex and Sophie (your future Visioneer colleagues), shows without a doubt that YES! You'll be able to swap out pieces, trade decorations, build custom structures from scratch, and generally let your imagination run wild all over your park!


And speaking of imagination, you might have noticed some ingenious modular pieces in the trailer from the newly revealed DaVinci theme. This Renaissance-inspired theme is sure to get your creativity flowing just like the old masters' paint flowed from their brushes.


Oh, and all of this incredible building variety doesn't mean we've forgotten about rollercoasters! This new trailer shows off three new coaster modules you'll be able to thrill your guests with - the fork, which sends carts scattering across multiple diverging tracks, the whimsical see-saw that flips tracks between up and down to swap paths in an instant, and the reverse bumper that sends your guests through the entire coaster backwards! Creating coasters has never been this smooth, or this fun.


Finally, we've updated the release window for Park Beyond to 2023 to give our team the time needed to make sure your park-building experience is as smooth and polished as possible!


Park Beyond  will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox series S|X, and PC in 2023! We'll have even more news and fun features to share with you soon, follow us on your favorite social media platform so you won't miss a thing!


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In Park Beyond, you can create the park of your dreams without being held back by gravity! 

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