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Park Beyond Gamescom Interview: Creative Director reveals more about Terraforming, Modular Building, and Story Mode

We sat down with Creative Director of Park Beyond, Johannes Reithmann, to discuss some questions from the Park Beyond community, talk about the deeper features of the building and sandbox modes, and learn how the game allows you to build a theme park that defies the laws of reality!


Question 1 - Will there be piece-by-piece modular building!?


There will be piece-by-piece modular building in the game, so you can actually decorate your whole park and build everything from scratch. Like starting from the smallest wall, putting some windows on them, putting some decorations and roofs, but there are already pre-built buildings you can take apart piece-by-piece, make holes [in] them and then build a coaster through them.



Question 2 - Will we have sandbox mode?


In Park Beyond there will also be a sandbox mode and the sandbox mode will actually allow you to customize your play experience as you like. From getting an unlimited amount of money and letting your creativity fly completely free to like making it a really hard management challenge for you. So, everything is possible with the settings we provide for the sandbox mode.



Question 3 - What makes Park Beyond special compared to similar games?


For Park Beyond what we feel is really special is that we really take the over-the-top, over-exaggeration approach to the theme park you’re building. So, everything you could imagine, but couldn’t ride in real life, you can actually build in Park Beyond and then have like, the craziest experience ever.



Question 4 - Can you talk about the roller coaster modules and how to use them?


The roller coaster mode is actually one of the most interesting things in Park Beyond. They allow you to add basically attachments that insert these modules into the coaster flow. And they usually come with like, crazy things, they allow you to shoot your visitors through the air or they allow you to branch your train and your track and then merge them into each other afterwards in a weird combination.



Question 5 - What can all be impossified and will there be more than one Impossification stage on some flat rides?


The whole park can basically be impossified. So, you can impossify your coasters, you can impossify your flat rides, your staff members and your shops, like, basically everything.



Question 6 - What tools do you have to build a unique park?


In Park Beyond we offer a lot of tools. Like, we start from terraforming which is really… even this is impossified, allows you to build floating land masses in the air if you want to. Then you have this whole decorative set [at] your disposal, and of course you can build your own coasters from scratch and your own modular structure from scratch, so everything gets crazier and crazier over time.



Question 7 - Can you tell us more about the story and the characters?


We really wanted to emphasize on the story. We always felt that theme park games can benefit quite a bit from having an interesting story and definitely with the impossification theme, we had definitely something, a story to tell. And we really built it around our cast of characters. There’s Blaize and Phil and Izzy, and a lot of other characters you will meet throughout the campaign. And we are really excited to present those interesting characters and their view on impossification and on theme parks in general.




We learned a lot about Park Beyond during Gamescom 2022, but there’s still so much more to discover! Follow Park Beyond on social media to stay up-to-date on every new reveal up until the game’s release for PlayStation 5, Xbox S|X and PC in 2023!


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