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Park Beyond 3.1.0 Patch Notes

Note from the Dev team


Patch 3.1.0 is coming to you with many bug fixes for the base game and recently released DLCs. But the patch does not only contain bug fixes!

With 3.1.0 all players are getting a new car style for the Wide Coaster and also a new Entertainer Impossification, the Yeti from our very same Flat Ride. The recently added Turntable Module is now also available for all other coaster types, not only the Log Flume and Beyond the Depth's River Rapids and the Elevator Module was added as an additional module for both the Log Flume as well as the River Rapids.

To ease your placement and building experience pillars, fences, eaves and trims have now been categorized in the same way as walls, roofs and ceilings to make your desired building pieces easier to access. On top of that, the search function in the placement menu now also works for object tags.


  • A Coaster impossification now visually upgrades the station
  • Added a new Wide Coaster car style
  • Added a new Yeti Entertainer
  • The Turntable module is now available for all coasters
  • The Elevator and according hooks are now available for the Log Fume and River Rapids coasters 


  • Fixed a crash during the boot up sequence when launching the title on the 95% mark
  • Fixed a crash on spamming undo/redo after deleting huge objects just like Park Entrance Prefabs
  • Fixed a cash on performing undo and redo after deleting a large number of preplaced scenery objects
  • Fixed a crash that occurs on loading a save containing a specific water ride setup
  • Fixed a rare crash on selecting visitors
  • Fixed a rare crash on selecting Sandbox maps
  • Fixed a rare crash on rotating a coaster prefab
  • Fixed a rare crash on placing a flat ride
  • Fixed a rare crash after staying idle with a lot of staff members in the park
  • Fixed a freeze on accessing the Community Content while switching between gamepad to mouse and keyboard 


  • Improved Performance on using undo/redo on bigger prefabs or when selecting multiple objects at once
  • Fixed a performance hitch during impossification
  • Performance optimization for the calculation of the intensity level of a given modular ride car
  • Agent save optimizations
  • Smaller performance improvements 


Mission 1 - Ambitious Beginnings 

  • Fixed that goals aren't fulfilling when building far ahead of the paper plane 

Mission 4 - Any Eye for Details 

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect tracking texts displayed for milestone 1 on loading saves of an older version of the game 

Mission 8.5 - Epilogue 

  • Fixed some default names displayed when selecting preplaced objects like the platforms
  • Fixed that multiple flat rides and coasters such as the river rapids and the wide coaster showing the ‘Object collision’ error 


  • Fixed that multiple coaster prefabs fail the safety test when editing and re-testing them
  • Fixed the visuals of the wind tunnel module
  • Fixed that the theme tag is often displayed double on coaster prefabs
  • Fixed an issue where cars break right before the elevator regardless of the speed
  • Fixed an issue in which certain water ride hooks are tacking the distance or usage of every train instead of the average
  • Fixed an issue where water tracks get converted into lifts or drops upon undoing a section placed after a lift or drop
  • Added the missing hook ‘Boat Ride’ to the Log Fume coaster
  • Fixed that certain water ride track segments are randomly changing in height during coaster editor mode
  • Fixed that the color customization only applies for the first six boats after increasing the boat count for water rides
  • Fixed that the safety test fails after reducing the train count on the ‘Galton’s Splash Zone’ prefab
  • Fixed the ‘Visitor Slot’ displaying a different value over time
  • Fixed the ‘Ride Duration’ value reducing over time on any coaster that uses the Turntable module
  • Fixed an issue with cars queuing when facing different direction
  • Corrected the colors and visuals on the Turntable module
  • Adjusted the visuals from the start of a water ride drop
  • Fixed all struts below modules using the same rotation
  • Fixed speed limit of modules interfering with each other if the modules are placed close to another
  • Fixed the required speed value changing after re-aiming the ramp module and aborting the action
  • Fixed some issues around the paraglider missing it's visuals on the cars or boats
  • Fixed an issue where the offrail transformation of the cars would not disappear upon entering the Elevator module
  • Fixed that an extra node is placed and the track is deformed when snapping modules while grid height is active during placement
  • Fixed missing lights for the Wide Coaster and Wild Mouse cars
  • Fixed that the hook ‘Trident’ incorrectly accomplished on using a Two-Way-Fork module
  • Fixed that the safety test fails when the train returns from a spring module back to the station
  • Fixed that it is possible to insert nodes for very short segments 
  • Fixed car lights being turned on at night for closed rides
  • Fixed the maintenance failure animations disappearing after loading
  • Fixed incorrect stats and ratings being displayed if a coaster is modified without applying the changes when exiting the coaster editor
  • Fixed the 'Train count won't fit' message being displayed for non-water coasters
  • Improved water ride transitions of drops, lifts, offrails and certain modules
  • Fixed that trains moving backwards on a brake track pick up speed
  • Fixed that the hook's stat 'number of times a module is used' stop counting after one car has passed through it
  • Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget - Theme World
    • Fixed the rocket booster backward variant not working
    • Fixed that cars can enter the catapult module regardless of the current speed if a rocket is attached to it
  • Beyond The Depths - Theme World
    • Fixed that boats cannot enter the Geyser module backward
    • Added struts to the Waterwheel module  
    • Fixed that the Waterwheel always fails with a coaster using only one car 


  • Fixed that button prompts in the coaster editor are hidden by video tooltips
  • Fixed some overlap of tooltips in the map selection menu
  • Fixed that the default for cancel and changing camera mode are bound to the same key 
  • Fixed a placeholder image being displayed for manual saves after renaming it during stream installation 
  • Fixed some typos in goal overviews, referring to multiple ‘coaster’ instead of ‘coasters’ 
  • Fixed that the hook “We Are Going Down” refers to ‘waterwall’ instead of ‘waterfall’ in its tooltip description
  • Adjusted the warning for car and train settings if the train count doesn’t fit with the available space  
  • Fixed that sub menus are overlapping with the selection menus while in the coaster editor  
  • Fixed that the ‘tracks are colliding with other structures’ error is displaced after undo/redo on the top nodes of the Drop Connector
  • Fixed that the customer count can go to negative values when the utilization status is abandoned for a flat ride
  • Fixed some default strings being used for individual color customization on boats
  • Fixed some placeholder names on different coasters after impossification 
  • Updated Icons for water ride track types, Freefall ramp and Turntable
  • Beyond The Depths - Theme World
    • Updated Icons for the Geyser and Waterwheel module
    • Fixed a typo in the Grim Peninsula Sandbox map
    • Fixed a typo in the River Rapids tooltip description 


  • Fixed that coaster previews starts glitching after increasing the station height under certain conditions 
  • Fixed that the coaster preview can get stuck in the “out of bounds” error message under certain conditions 
  • Fixed asset previews snapping upon increasing the height and waiving free rotation mode  
  • Fixed that it is not possible to place paths on the water surface on maps with preplaced water bodies such as Mission 04, 05, and Mediterranean Sandbox maps  
  • Fixed that the option selected between 'Move' & 'Precision Move' is invoked every time on selecting any option from Object Group Prefab panel for a prefab containing of one blueprint coaster 
  • Fixed that it was impossible to select specific scenery objects while they are in their play animation 

Scenery Objects/Modular Structures 

  • Fixed the height value label on multiple objects not fitting the item  
  • Fixed that some stone block pillars are having an incorrect icon displayed for their variants  
  • Beyond The Depths - Theme World
    • Adjusted the VFX for multiple scenery objects
    • Fixed some duplicate naming for certain modular objects 


  • Fixed renaming a save occasionally altering the thumbnail until the game is relaunched
  • Fixed that the daytime and the freeze time option aren’t correctly saved  
  • Fixed incorrect images displayed for milestone saves
  • Fixed that the bankruptcy warning is missing on loading any subscribed park
  • Fixed that future mission maps were not unlocked after loading saves from an older version of the game 


  • Fixed operator agents for coasters and staff vendors floating mod-air after deleting the according shop, facility or station 
  • Fixed that shopkeepers remain after deleting the shop and performing undo/redo 
  • Transport ride now have a ride operator for every station  
  • Fixed visitors getting stuck on the exploration park entrance after impossifying the preplaced flat rides  
  • Fixed that staff Agents who are playing the ‘exhausted’ animation do not revert back once they have rested in a staff lounge 
  • Fixed that impossified staff did not play their walking animation after being fired
  • Fixed an issue with missing equipment colors after staff members performed assigned duties
  • Fixed the display on some VFX for Beyond eXtreme, High Fantasy and Zombeyond entertainers
  • Beyond The Depths - Theme World
    • Fixed entertainer costumes only having SFX for the first iteration while performing on an entertainment point 

PlayStation 5 

  • Fixed an issue where the activity card “start Exploration Park” would redirect to Mission 01 instead
  • Fixed that the campaign activity card redirecting to Mission 01 again after it is already completed 


Park Beyond is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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