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Game overview

Enjoy the very first fun and interactive experience on Amazon Alexa from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe.

Meet PAC-MAN Stories, a fun 'Choose you own adventure' style experience set on PAC-MAN Planet. Team up with PAC-MAN and make the right moral choices to uncover the mysteries behind the ghastly garbage threatening the world. Remember to be brave, kind and considerate as you explore the adventure!

This experience on Amazon Alexa is available in English only in the USA, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Key features

The first story to launch is PAC-MAN and the Ghastly Garbage. This story delivers a fun engaging adventure allowing you to help save PAC-MAN Planet from Garbage and a threat that affects everyone you meet! Along the way, you will make decisions, choose paths and win Power Pellets based on the decisions you make!


Throughout your adventures, meet PAC-MAN and a range of new characters as well as well-known favourites, including Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde.


Enjoy several fully interactive stories for the whole family. These stories can be enjoyed by anyone of any age and allows you to engage with PAC-MAN and make moral decisions that affect the ending.


Stay tuned for additional stories coming soon.

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