PAC-MAN X ORLINSKI: How the iconic figurines came to life

PAC-MAN is more than a game since its launch in 1980, it became a worldwide pop culture icon.


For the 37th birthday of the beloved character, the company Neamedia wanted to launch new Pac-Man figurines, represented in an artistic – and accessible – way. This company is specialized since almost 20 years in creating figures, collectors’ editions, and lifesize statues from designing to manufacturing.




To create these new figurines, Neamedia contacted a renowned contemporary french artist, Richard Orlinski, and the whole project was supported By Bandai Namco.


Richard Orlinski is a neo-pop artist and sculptor, famous for his “Born Wild” pieces of art, based on the concept to transform primordial instinct into a civilization.

His work totally fits the project to mix contemporary art and popular culture. He reinvented the little yellow dot into a 3D figurine, a real piece of art for design lovers and Pac-Man fans.



Steps - From prototype to the final version

Several designs were tested to give Pac-Man a new shape.
The one on the right was the final choice.



Steps on the 3D printing

Printing phase



The result



The coating phase



The final printed model

The final printed model


These steps led to 3 first versions of the sculpture:

  • 2 figurines of 25cm (1 yellow, 1 gold chrome)
  • 1 figurine of 1m


All figures are made in resin, hand painted, with a glossy finish.


Gold Chrome version



A high-quality figurine for everyone

The first versions of the Pac-Man x Orlinski figurines encountered a huge success, as it was a qualitative artistic “design” item to decorative an interior, even for non-gamers or non-fans of the brand.

To expand the range, a new collection with 5 colours has been made to remind the emblematic colours of the game: the famous and iconic Yellow Pac-man, and the colours of the ghosts:

  •  Pink for Pinky
  •  Orange for Clyde
  •  Red for Blinky
  •  Blue for Inky
  •  And of course yellow for PAC-MAN!




With a size of 10cm and the colour choice, they can suit a lot of decoration styles. They are available on stand alone, or a bundle of 5.


You can purchase them exclusively in our Official Store !


I want one!


With all these colours and sizes available, add a contemporary touch to your homestyle or your office!


Other variations are also available in 18cm:



Exclusive product derived from your favorites universes!