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Bring back the Arcade feel from the crazy 80’s with PAC-MAN. Try escaping the ghosts in the mazes with its easy gameplay and famous characters providing moments of fun.

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PAC-MAN History


The commemorative, first introduction of Bandai Namco Games' popular character, Pac-Man. With its simple rules, intuitive controls, and cute characters, PAC-MAN took, not only Japan, but the whole world by storm.


Ms. PAC-MAN was born in the United States, featuring a female Pac-Man with a ribbon on top. The game system is the same as PAC-MAN, and comes with added features, such as an alternating maze design system with 2 warp tunnels.


SUPER PAC-MAN is born in Japan as the next PAC-MAN game. Instead of eating Pac-Dots, Pac-Man moved through the maze to munch on various fruits, while avoiding the ghosts. Consuming a Super Power Pellet transformed Pac-Man into the invincible, Super Pac-Man. The game is also the first to feature the series cameo bonus stage.


The game is played by eating all the fruits on the stage, while avoiding the ghosts. The game introduces a new character, "Mil." The playful Mil moves around the screen to move the fruits away from Pac-Man. The game is unique in that it doesn't have any Power Pellets. In turn, Pac-Man can retaliate by eating special powerup items such as the Boss Galaxian and Rally X icons.


The game marks the series first side-scrolling action platformer where Pac-Man goes on a journey to help a lost fairy get back to Fairyland, while avoiding enemy ghosts and obstacles. The cute and lively animations brought life to the characters, bringing about a new frontier to the PAC-MAN series with a hint of hidden secrets strewn throughout the rounds. The game's tagline in Japanese was "wonders around every corner."


The game reintroduces the basic mechanics that made the first PAC-MAN great - moving around a maze eating Pac-Dots while avoiding the ghosts. What takes the game apart is that the characters and the mazes are displayed in 3D. This introduced new game features such as Pac-Man being able to jump over the ghosts instead of simply running from them. With new types of ghosts and a variety of stages, the game thrilled players throughout the world.


A unique action game where the player doesn't directly control Pac-Man. Instead, the player uses items such as a slingshot and Power Pellets to influence Pac-Man to clear various stages. Each stage holds a number of puzzle elements that requires planned use of various gimmicks. Watch as Pac-Man goes through his various mood spurts ranging from being happy to being angry as he clears the stages.


The very first puzzle game to enter the PAC-MAN series. The game's objective is to prevent the falling blocks from stacking to the top of the screen by placing them in rows for them to disappear. Ghosts also fall from the top, which can't be removed without the help of Pac-Man who can gobble the ghosts getting in the way.


The Ghost Witch (Abylusnetter in Japanese) casts a spell on Pac-Man sending him back in time. The game's objective is for Pac-Man to return to the present by adventuring through more than 50 different stages ranging from mountains, forests, temples, castles, and more, while using actions such as jumping and swimming in this side-scrolling platformer game.

PAC-MAN Arrangement

The latest of the arcade games since Pac-Mania's release in 1987. The game can be played in the classic compilation, "Namco Classic Collection Vol.2," which was released by then Namco. The basic PAC-MAN rules applies where you control Pac-Man to eat the Pac-Dots, while avoiding the ghosts as you navigate through the maze. New to the series are Jump Panels, Dash Arrows, 3 different types of Power Pellets, and the addition of items, such as Capsules, Magic Wands, and more. The game, for the first time within the series, allowed up to 2-player onscreen game play.


The series first, 3D action game that was released in commemoration of PAC-MAN's 20th anniversary. Pac-Man embarks on an adventure through unique stages, from pirate ships to ancient ruins to outer space and more, as he tries to save his captured friends. The game is chock filled with old and new actions, such as jumping, bounding, using trampolines, doing speed turns, hip attacks, and more.

Ms. PAC-MAN Maze Madness

A 3D action game where the player navigates the pink-ribbon topped Ms. Pac-Man through various mazes as she tries to regain peace in Pac Land. Mazes are cleared by avoiding ghosts and eating Pac-Dots, while solving puzzles strewn throughout the mazes. Over 180 unique mazes await as she tries to save the princess in need.

PAC-MAN Collection

A 4-game compilation of popular classic PAC-MAN games featuring "PAC-MAN," "PAC MANIA," "PAC ATTACK," and "PAC-MAN ARRANGEMENT."

PAC-MAN World 2

This is a 3D action game that follows "PAC-MAN World 20th Anniversary". PAC-MAN goes on an adventure to reclaim the five "golden fruits" hidden by the mischievous ghosts. There are various stages in PAC Land, where the familiar ghosts hinder his way and where also, a huge machine appears! On the underwater stage, there is a scene where PAC-MAN gets on the submarine "PAC Marine" and fights against the ghost's submarine.

PAC-MAN Arrangement

It is an arranged version of "PAC-MAN" and is included in the PlayStation Portable software "NAMCO MUSEUM”. Various gimmicks are added to the stage while keeping the basic rules. At the final stage of each world, the ghosts power up and plays one-on-one with PAC-MAN. It is also possible for two players to play cooperatively at the same time.

PAC-MAN Arrangement Plus

This is a game with more stages added, based on the "PAC-MAN ARRANGE" recorded in "Namco Museum Vol.2". In an ad hoc competition up to 4 players can play at the same time, competing for the number of cookies eaten.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition

A new type of PAC-MAN that was developed and supervised by PAC-MAN's father, the legend himself, Toru Iwatani. The game focuses on challenging players in time trials to see who can gain the highest score within a set time limit. The game features cool music, updated visuals, and reflex testing speed throughout the game. Player scores are uploaded via the Internet and pitted against competitors worldwide to see who has the highest score in the world.


vThe game app was released in 2009 on iTunes Store for the Apple iPhone. The player controls Pac-Man through 3D stages to eat the Pac-Dots, while avoiding ghosts to clear each unique stage. The stages also featured various gimmicks, such as opening and closing doors, dash tiles, warps, and more.


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