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ONE PIECE ODYSSEY Starter Guide: Tips to know before playing the game

If you’re wondering how to play ONE PIECE ODYSSEY, what you should do first when starting the game, or what you should know even before, this starter guide article is for you!


It will help you out and show you how to get started with exploration and battles, which represent a great part of the game.


Whether or not you’ve played former games of the ONE PIECE license, this guide contains essential combat system tips and tricks you would wish to know before starting to play, to get the most out of the game!


This guide covers every platform on which ONE PIECE ODYSSEY is available: PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X/S.


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  1. Game overview and phases
  2. Exploration (controls, actions)
  3. Menu (Map, Quest, Inventory, Money & Items – Cubes)
  4. Battle (UI, Areas, Turn by Turn, Actions)





ONE PIECE ODYSSEY’s gameplay encompasses different phases, each of them having specific purposes and implying different controls.

Throughout the game, you will therefore pass by exploration, battle and cinematic phases whether you follow the main story quest or decide to take on the sub-quests.




When playing ONE PIECE ODYSSEY, you can explore and wander through different lands and interact with the environment.

See below the controls when exploring:




























Also, there are several actions possible when you explore a zone.


Uncover paths and pick-up items

  • Items on the ground: For example, you will be able to pick up many objects laying on the ground, recognizable by their shiny aspect.
  • Jars and barrels: Don’t hesitate to crack up jars or barrels as they may reveal items you can only obtain once.
  • Glowing walls and rocks: If you see glowing walls or rocks, it means they can be broken. These walls or rocks could hide secret paths or rare objects like treasure chests.


Save points






When you come across a saving point, you can record your progress in the game and restore your health. It’s important to save your progress as often as you can, because if you lose a battle and get knocked out, you will have to start over from the last save point you’ve checked.


Change character

Choosing a different character while exploring could be useful sometimes, for hard-to-reach places for example. It will also allow you to interact differently with the environment.



The menu allows you to view and change characters as long as you are exploring but also allows you to check your items in your inventory, see the progress of your on-going quests and access the map.






The inventory shows every item you picked up and own, and you can choose to use these items only by selecting them. They have various effects, not only recovering HP or TP. Don’t hesitate to look at the items’ details.

The inventory also shows you how much money you have. You can make money by selling items or accessories you do not need at the Yoisa Shop or by defeating EXP Enemies which have lots of berries.










Using Yoisa Travel in the menu's map allows you to move long distances quickly.



Aside from the main story quest, there are sub-quests you can take on. The main quest is staked by missions indicated by a red symbol (Objectives will have a red “!” icon and Information will have a red Speech bubble icon). These missions will make you progress in the main quest.

Sub-quests will have symbols of another color.


When exploring or after a battle, players can get pieces of equipment (Fire Element Jewelry, GUTS +68 Ring…). They can be assigned to any character, using the “Equipment” sub-menu.


Unlike traditional weapons and armor systems, players need to arrange equipment within a square grid per Straw Hat Crew member.





Cubes and quest objects

  • Cube fragments: ONE PIECE ODYSSEY is all about Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew trying to get their lost powers back. As players progress in the game, they will be able to collect Cube Fragments during exploration or battles, which represent the lost experience that must be regained. Players will have to gather and assign three character-specific fragments to enhance some of the individual Straw Hat skills, which can be very useful in combat situations. Cube Fragments can be assigned through the main menu in the “Crew” > “Skill Up” section.




  • Quest objects: When you complete a mission, you will receive special items. For instance: Thunder Colossus's Core - A core obtained by defeating the Thunder Colossus.



Starting a battle

When enemies see the crew, it will be visible by a red icon over their heads. But the battle only begins when you touch the group. At some point, when your crew’s level gets higher, enemies won’t attack you anymore.


Activating a battle by approaching  enemies’ from the back will give you an advantage at the beginning, on first turn. The same advantage will be given to your enemies if they attack you from behind.



Dramatic scenes

During a battle, randomized dramatic scenes activate. These dramatic scenes are like battle challenges that will increase the experience and number of items received after the battle, if achieved.





Battle interface

The battle interface is slightly different from the exploration interface, as there are new gauges and information to consider during combat.




  • TP (tension points) are used to activate skills, and accumulate from attacking.
  • ATK (attack power) is the value of damage done to enemies.
  • DEF (defense power) is the value enemy damage is reduced by.
  • GUTS (toughness) is the value enemy Skill Attack damage is reduced by.




Battles can be held in separate areas. Some battles will have your crew and the enemies in the same zone, but most of the time, the member of the crew will be separated to face different enemies.


If there are no enemies in your area, you can move to another one by selecting a target in a different area.



Turn by turn Battle system

ONE PIECE ODYSSEY  has a turn-by-turn combat system engaging four members of the Straw Hat Crew against the different group of enemies.


Both enemies and allies have a turn order that defines when they will be able to act within the round. When everyone has taken their turn within the same round, another round begins.




During your turn, there are three different actions that can be done:

  • Use a Normal attack
  • Use a Skill
  • Use an object or item


Normal attack:

A regular attack can be of different types among Power, Speed and Technique. Depending on the situations and your enemies, the type of these regular attacks can deal more or less damage to them.


For example, using a Speed-type attack against an enemy which has a Speed vulnerability will be more effective.

If you choose to perform a regular attack, you will obtain Tension Points. These points will then allow you to perform Skills.




Skills are specific abilities from the Straw Hat Crew and can take several forms. They can be close range, long range, target multiple enemies or one only. All of this information is visible thanks to the drawing on the screen.






Finally, note that some attacks and skills can also inflict additional ailments like Burn, Bleed, Paralyzed, etc.




Items and objects can be used for healing, buffing or debuffing and even deal damage! Increasing your crew stats and lowering enemies’ stats can make the difference during combat.

These items can be cooked food from Sanji or special bullets created by Usopp for example.


Using items can be useful in battle, but don’t forget that it will also consume one turn. Therefore, you will have to choose wisely between attacking or using an item.

That's all for now! With these tips, you should now be able to start the game with the basics of both exploring and fighting.


If you want to learn a little bit more about character specific interactions with environment, combat mechanics, status ailments, character specific skills as well as the subtleties and synergies of the different elements mentioned in this article, get the Full One Piece Odyssey Starter Guide!




ONE PIECE ODYSSEY is available on PlayStation 4®, PlayStation 5®, Xbox Series X|S, and PC


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