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ONE PIECE ODYSSEY - Learn more about Adio & Lim

A new character trailer has just been unveiled, presenting the game-exclusive characters Adio and Lim, both designed by One Piece’s author, Eiichiro Oda himself! 


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Lim, the pirate-hating girl 




Lim is a mysterious girl that lives on Waford.


She has special abilities as she can materialize others’ skills and power as cubes whenever she touches someone.  

Once transformed into cubes, the skills are lost by its possessor and they inevitably becomes weaker. 


Lim has complete faith in Adio, but on the other hand, she harbors a deep hatred towards pirates since they slaughtered her beloved parrot.


Despite being pirates, will she remain loyal to the Straw Hat Crew as they travel through the World of Memories?  




Adio, the mysterious explorer 



Adio is an explorer who can be considered as a parental figure for Lim.  

By eating the Grab-Grab fruit, he became a Devil Fruit user that allows him to stop violent attacks and grab any object. 

Like the Straw Hat Crew, he had landed ashore on Waford. Adio's knowledge of this island structure allows him to be a guide for the crew. 

What was the nature of his conversation with Smoker? Is he truly trustworthy for Luffy and his crew? 

Discover the importance of these two game's original characters in the storyline by playing ONE PIECE ODYSSEY


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The Nintendo Switch version of ONE PIECE ODYSSEY includes the Reunion of Memories additional scenario that can be played after clearing the main game, as well as extra outfits for the Straw Hat Crew with the Traveling outfits and the Sniper King’s Traveling Outfit.


In addition, the City of Water outfits will be making their debut on the Nintendo Switch version.  


ONE PIECE ODYSSEY is set to release on 26th July 2024 on Nintendo Switch and already available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.  


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Xbox Series X|S

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