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One Piece Odyssey Gamescom Interview: New information and Gameplay details!



At Gamescom 2022, we had the pleasure to sit down with Marco Rizzo, product manager at Bandai Namco on the upcoming ONE PIECE ODYSSEY RPG, and go through some very interesting game-related topics...




What makes ONE PIECE ODYSSEY special compared to other JRPGs?


The most distinctive feature, by far, compared to other JRPGs, is the integration between the genre and the ONE PIECE universe. It's the fact that players will really be able to experience the bonds within the Crew, and their uniqueness, which is also something that the team has been working towards as a vision.


It even translates into the real features of the game. For example, the fact that players outside of combat can switch between characters of the Crew - the character they're controlling - to experience and use the uniqueness that they have, to overcome obstacles.




Could you explain the choice of the turn-based combat system?


The choice of a turn-based combat system is based on two rationales. The first is the fact that we wanted players to be rewarded for strategizing throughout the battle, and also to be rewarded for utilizing the uniqueness of the Crew and their special attacks - which is also connected to the second reason: a turn-based battle system, contrarily to a more action-driven one, makes sure that you can move through the battle at your own pace, and that you can really experience those special moves that make the characters themselves.




Can you tell us more about the dramatic scene system?


The dramatic scene system is implemented into the game in order to give it more excitement throughout the battles. RPGs in nature can become repetitive, because the player has to fight monsters over and over again in order to pile up experience and items.


But a dramatic scene system allows the game to bring unexpected situations which are in line with the ONE PIECE spirit - for example, Usopp being surrounded by short-range enemies when he is usually a long-range fighter will make him unable to fight, and your task is to rescue him before he is knocked out.


These situations will be unexpected and almost random - that will bring the player even more rewards in case they are able to clear this sub-quest that they are given for every battle they face.




Can you describe Eiichiro Oda's involvement in the project?


The creator of ONE PIECE and of the original work, has been involved in this project with the creation of the two new characters that inhabit the island where the adventure takes place, as well as the monsters that inhabit this island.


And he also made sure to do it in a way that players would really need them in a way that fits with the way that ONE PIECE has been created and built, of course by Eiichiro Oda.




Can you tell us more about the new characters?


I really wish I could tell you more, but I cannot do that, but I am sure that you will hear more soon...




ONE PIECE ODYSSEY  is slated to release on PlayStation 4®, PlayStation 5®, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


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