Prepare Christmas with a free shipping

5 December 2017

Alright, let’s be honest here. Christmas might be the best season of the year for most of us, but it’s probably one of the worth time for our wallets.

We all know how it can be painful to be generous with our loves ones. First, we need to find ideas, then find where to go to purchase THE gift we know will make a WOW effect to finally find out that we can barely afford it, or that we will have to make some sacrifices on other things to survive this Xmas season without having our loves ones secretly thinking that we aren’t the most generous person they know. Always embarrassing. 


Anyway, the Store’s team has decided to help you out here. First the ideas. Have a look at our store, it’s filled up with tons of fun stuff (who would not like a Dark Souls board game to play with friends during the winter season? Did you see the Christmas Special Christmas?). Then where to find the Steam keys, unique Collector Editions, cool quality merchandising... Well, everything is at the same spot, so check our store, your ideal gift could be there. Then the painful part. Well, well, well, or should I say Oh Oh Oh, that’s where we’ve got (good) news for you. From December 4 to December 17, the shipping is free with no minimum purchase (no maximum either, eh eh). The offer is available in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, UK, Italy, and Spain on standard shipping costs.


With all that, we wish you the most wonderful Christmas EVER and hope this little gift from us will help you survive the Christmas shopping craziness.

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