Free Your Creativity and Power Up Your Play with the Award-winning tori™ Explorer Pack

12 November 2019

The tori™ Explorer Pack is available to buy now, just in time for the festive period.


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and ISKN are proud to announce that the first product within the tori™ ecosystem - the tori™ Explorer Pack - is available to buy now, just in time for the festive period.


A CES Innovation Award Honoree in four categories, and winner of multiple awards in the US, Germany and France already – tori is a whole new way to play with toys, creativity and imagination.


The tori™ Board brings the tori ™ toys to life – replicating in real-time movements and actions of the tori™ Wand, tori™ Catapult or tori™ Spacecraft –within the supported apps. This Mirror Play™ experience is possible thanks to the combination of the latest cutting edges technologies, including a multi-patented 3D tracking solution.


Children can also design and create their own toys, such as the DIY Spacecraft, or designs, via the Creative Book, that can be scanned and replicated within each game – allowing for an almost endless amount of creativity and customisation to suit each child’s taste.


All the games and activities were developed in collaboration with child development experts such as Celia Hodent, with the final goal to enhance entertainment & self-development while uniting families together. 


The tori™ Explorer Pack is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Starting with five apps available on the Apple Store and Google Play™ Store at release, the tori™ ecosystem will be enriched with new levels, new apps & new toys over time, from both BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and other names from the entertainment world. The five apps available now are:


tori - crystal chase

Crystal Chase

  • Protect the city from Space Pirates who steal its crystals for their shady business using your tori™ Spacecraft or customized DIY Spacecraft
  • Test your dexterity and reflexes by retrieving the crystals, defeating the Space Pirates and dodging harmful obstacles placed along the chase, then upgrade your spacecrafts with powerful weapons
  • Explore 4 different underground sectors with increasing difficulty
  • Forge your own adventure by customising and playing with up to 4 DIY spacecrafts provided in the Creative Kit of the tori™ Explorer Pack


tori - jungle rescue

Jungle Rescue

  • Be smart and sharp to free the Jungle Keepers and save Mother Nature using your tori™ Catapult.
  • Put your critical thinking to the test and find a way to free the Jungle Keepers:break, move or activate the poacher’s structures, it's up to you!
  • Explore 30 different locations with increasing difficulty - be fast and accurate to unlock the 3 stars every time!
  • Personalise the landscapes endlessly (trees, flowers and totems) by customizing them off-screen in your Creative Book


tori - shades of light

Shades of Light

  • Play as a mage's apprentice and become almighty in the art of shadows using the tori™ Wand.
  • Challenge your critical thinking and Mental rotation skills in this light and shadow game – recreating shapes using the silhouettes from assorted objects to find the perfect angle
  • Unlock 3 rooms of a medieval castle with increasing difficulty, and more than 20 different objects to utilise


tori - supreme builder

Supreme Builder

  • Take the role of a creator and make your unique and personal world using the tori™ Wand, completing 30 construction challenges set in the Desert world, Sea world and Cloud world
  • Or express your endless creativity in the Sandbox mode
  • Personalise your digital constructions with decorations you can find and customise off-screen in your Creative Book


tori™ Dashboard

  • Support your child’s tangible, playful learning and understand and monitor their activity
  • Manage your family profiles and monitor progression of each user of the tori™ apps
  • Assign to children game-specific challenges granting them invaluable rewards
  • Discover your child’s creations and share them with your relatives and friends
  • Allow children to take their progress with them anytime and on any device thanks to the cloud save


For information on availability, or for exclusive bundles, please visit

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