Sharpen your Kunais and join the fight! NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER is available

31 August 2018

Players can play as their favourite Naruto characters, or create their own custom avatar, as they compete against other teams to become the greatest ninja across the globe.


In the newly-unveiled Ninja League, players will be able to compete against fellow Shinobi online and climb the global rankings, with the first league taking place from August 31st to September 20th.


Winning matches online will earn players Grade Points – necessary to climb the ladder. Whilst winning fighters will gain points, a lost match will cause them to lose points.  Depending on players’ win ratio, they will progress or drop down the rankings. However, certain actions or contributions in each match will also earn extra Grade Points.


Grades start from D, C, B, A, and go all the way up to S. Within each grade there are a further five classes, from 5 to 1.


At the end of each Ninja League, players will receive a reward based on their final standing, as well as all the rewards below that rank.


Rewards for the first Ninja League:

  • S: Grade S Reward
  • S: Valuable Scroll x10
  • A: Grade A Reward
  • A: Quality Scroll x10
  • B: Quality Scroll x5
  • B: Plain Scroll x5
  • C: Ninja Remake Operation Seal
  • C: Plain Scroll x10
  • D: 5000 Ryo
  • D: Plain Scroll x5


 * The Grade A and S rewards will be exclusive new costumes. 

Release Date :
NARUTO TO BORUTO : SHINOBI STRIKER is a multiplayer online game set in the universe of Naruto