Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker: Ninja league #7 rewards

27 December 2018

Don’t miss the new Ninja League in Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker. From December 27th to January 9th, rank up to win a lot of new outfits and scrolls!

In addition to these rewards, every full-game player will receive freely on 1/1/2019 the New Year lucky bag.


Find below the full rewards for the Ninja League #7 for full-game players:

Top 10 players:

  • Special T-shirt (Squirrel)

NTBSS - Top 10

Rank S:

  • S1: Rainbow Demon Wind Shuriken
  • S2: Esoteric scroll X 5
  • S3: Valuable Scroll X 6
  • S4: Quality Scroll X 7
  • S5: Magician's Robe (M/F)

NTBSS - Rank S

Rank A:

  • A1: Gaara Outfit
  • A2: Esoteric Scroll X 4
  • A3: Valuable Scroll X 5
  • A4: Quality Scroll X 6
  • A5: Temari outfit Top (F)

NTBSS  - Rank A

NTBSS - Rank A2

Rank B:

  • B1: Temari outfit Bottom (F)
  • B2: Esoteric Scroll X 3
  • B3: Valuable Scroll X 4
  • B4: Quality Scroll X 5
  • B5: Swanky Striker (M)

NTBSS - Rank B

Rank C:

  • C1: Adorable Striker (F)
  • C2: Esoteric Scroll X 2
  • C3: Valuable Scroll X 3
  • C4: Quality Scroll X 4
  • C5: Brown Tabby Robe (M)

NTBSS - Rank C

Rank D:

  • D1: Brown Tabby Robe (F)
  • D2: Esoteric Scroll X 1
  • D3: Valuable Scroll X 2
  • D4: Quality Scroll X 3
  • D5: Plain Scroll X 10

NTBSS - Rank D


  • New Year’s T-shirt (M/F)
  • Paddle
  • Rice cake
  • Face Paint

NTBSS - Lucky Bag

NOTE: This lucky bag is distributed from 1/1/2019. You need to purchase this game and log in by 31/12/2019 to get it.


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