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MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE - Maintenance adjustments made on May 22nd, 2024

During the maintenance and update carried out on 22/05/2024, the following actions were taken:


Newly added

  • Added a new stage「U.S.J. Ver.02」which is like the「U.S.J.」stage with partial modifications.
    *「U.S.J.Ver.02」 and 「U.A.Island」are switched every 2 hours.
    *「Tutorial」「Training」 and 「Custom Match」modes will not switch.
  • Added UI arrows indicating input directions on the wheel control screen.
  • Added a function to open a shortcut by pressing the assigned button to use level-up cards in possession anytime while using a keyboard.
  • Modified certain items in the "Settings" menu.
    └ When using the keyboard, you can now select "Switch/Hold" using the wheel
    └ Added a function that allows you to change the display when an ally causes the opponent to “Guard Break” or “DOWN” by turning “ON/OFF”
  • Added the feature of "Entry Cost Discount" in Ranked Matches.
    └Entry fees for Ranked Matches are discounted when specific characters or "Quirk" skill sets are owned at certain rank
  • Added new rank tiers in Ranked Matches.
    └ "Expert Rank I"
    └ "Expert Rank II"
    └ "Expert Rank III"
  • Adjusted some items of the "Mission" display.
    └ Changed to display the mission screen once a day upon login
    └ Changed the mission icon on the main menu
    └ Added a "NEW" icon for new missions


System improvements

  • Adjusted the intensity of aim assist for the STEAM version.
    *To match other platforms.
  • Adjusted the following defense buff effects so they do not occur for damage areas and slip damage (burning, collapsing).
    └ Team members assault role
    └ Assault ability cards
    └ Eijiro Kirishima's special action "Hardening"
    └ Mt. Lady's special action "Gigantification"
  • Improved visibility of:
    └ Allies call signs usage
    └ "Quirk" skill effects
  • Adjusted the time until the safe area shrinks.
  • Adjusted damage within damage areas.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Shoto Todoroki's "Quirk" skill γ "Ice Stalagmite" could freeze twice.
  • Fixed a bug in Cementoss's "Quirk" skill γ "Structural Slab" where the attack judgment occurred before cement was generated when a bullet landed at the opponent's feet.
  • Fixed a bug where Tenya Iida's "Quirk" skill γ "Recipro Turbo" effect would persist indefinitely.
  • Fixed a bug where if Shota Aizawa's "Quirk" skill α "Binding Cloth: Capture" simultaneously restrained the opponent at the same time they are being compressed by an ally Mr. Compress's special action "Magic Resurrection" they would remain captured indefinitely.
  • Fixed a bug where some attack effects of Ibara Shiozaki's "Quirk" skill β "Via Dolorosa" were not displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where All Might's "Quirk" skill β "United States of Smash" rush damage did not changed based on level when activated in midair.
  • Fixed a bug on the Nintendo Switch version where gyro operation was also inverted when camera control was set to inverted.
  • Fixed a bug where the voice chat icon would not be displayed from the second match onwards when playing consecutive matches with voice chat enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the aim mode would not be deactivated when obtaining a level-up card while in aim mode.


Character Adjustments

  • Izuku Midoriya
    • Special Action "Carry to Safety"
      └ Reduced damage taken while in use
  • Izuku Midoriya (Full Bullet)
    • HP changed to 350
    • "Quirk" skill β "Manchester Smash!"
      └ Adjusted to make it easier to reach maximum power by reducing the required height
      └ Changed to increase damage based on height
    • "Quirk" skill γ "Ground Impact"
      └ Reduced the time until a jump is activated by long-pressing
      └ Increased the height of a jump by long-pressing
  • Ochaco Uraraka
    • "Quirk" skill β "Home Run Comet"
      └ Increased attack range at levels 1-8
    • "Quirk" skill γ "Nebulous Space"
      └ Changed so that floating objects stay on the ceiling when used indoors.
      └ Reduced the time for floating objects to naturally fall
  • Shoto Todoroki
    • "Quirk" skill γ "Ice Stalagmite"
      └ Increased freezing duration
      └ Changed so that opponents blown away after being frozen become invincible
    • Special Action "Scorching Flame Wave"
      └ Changed to reach the ground when activated from above
  • Tsuyu Asui
    • "Quirk" skill β "Ribbit Swing"
      └ Changed to allow angling towards the aim direction when used on the ground
  • Tomura Shigaraki
    • "Quirk" skill α "Earth Crack"
      └ Decreased damage at all levels
      └ Changed to travel upwards along walls
      └ Changed so that ammo is not consumed even if motion is canceled before activation
      └ Increased range and scope at levels 1-8
    • "Quirk" skill β "Ground Destruction"
      └ Increased spread speed at level 9
      └ Unified activation speed across all levels
    • "Quirk" skill γ "Area Glitch"
      └Increased charge distance at levels 1-8
    • Special Action "Collapse Hand"
      └Enhanced tracking of opponents when used in midair
  • Endeavor
    • Special Action "Flight"
      └Reduced gauge consumption during hovering
  • Mr. Compress
    • "Quirk" skill α "Production Magic"
      └ Adjusted to prevent falling backward when fired upwards
    • "Quirk" skill γ "Magician's Choice"
      └Grants super armor effect upon determining direction until activation
  • Mt. Lady
    • "Quirk" skill β "Caldera Stomp"
      └ Reduced the height of the attack range
  • Denki Kaminari
    • "Quirk" skill γ "Human Stun Gun"
      └ Adjusted effect position to match attack judgment
  • Momo Yaoyorozu
    • "Quirk" skill β "Create: Unfalling Castle Wall"
      └ Changed so that the shield can be broken by self or ally attacks after placement
    • "Quirk" skill γ "Create: Bullet Rain"
      └ Reduced the number of scattered Matryoshka dolls
      └ Increased Matryoshka damage
    • Special Action "Yaoyorozu's Lucky Bag"
      └ Reduced the probability of team enhancement kits being dropped
  • All For One
    • "Quirk" skill α "Final Blow"
      └ Reduced the time until charging is complete
    • "Quirk" skill γ "Create: Bullet Rain"
  • All Might
    • "Quirk" skill α "Texas Smash"
      └ Changed shockwaves to not penetrate obstacles
  • Twice
    • Special Action "Mud Imitation"
      └ Increased the maximum number of clones that can exist simultaneously to 7
      *Clones beyond the 8th will disappear in order of creation
    • Himiko Toga
      • Special Action "Transform"
        └ Changed to prevent discarding blood by long-pressing the special action button after blood absorption


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