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MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE - Maintenance adjustments made on June 19th, 2024

During the maintenance carried out on June 19th, the following actions were taken:


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the durability would excessively decrease when blocking an opponent's attack with Itsuka Kendo's "Quirk" skill β "Big Fist Shield".
  • Fixed the issue that "Quirk" skill cards could be used indefinitely under certain conditions.


Character Adjustments

  • Mirio Togata
    • "Quirk" skill α「Phantom Threat」
      └ Increased the hit detection area of the rush attack
      └ Adjusted the fourth consecutive strike to make it easier to land at lvl. 4~9.
      └ Reduced the speed of the dash at lvl. 9 when it is used without charging, and expanded the attack range of the 4th consecutive strike.


Thank you for your continued support of MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE.


MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC


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For the very first time, a free to play battle royale based on the hit anime series! As a hero, or as a villain, challenge other players in MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE.

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