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MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE – Developer’s Blog VOL. 14

Thank you for playing MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE!


As the seventh season of the TV anime begins and My Hero Academia continues to captivate fans, we are thrilled to announce that MY HERO ACADEMIA ULTRA RUMBLE has reached Season 5 thanks to all of you.

We would like to thank all the players who continue to make this game exciting.


In Season 5, we finally introduced that popular character,the man who is the closest to the No.1 hero including professional heroes, Mirio Togata, joined the ranks!

With his Quirk allowing him to phase through objects and attack opponents along the shortest path, Mirio can both close the distance to opponents and protect allies in a pinch.

We hope you enjoy playing with the versatile Lemillion in both offense and defense.


We are also planning to introduce that powerful character, so please look forward to it.


Furthermore, we have opened a new stage “U.S.J. Ver. 02”, which is a modified version of” U.S.J”, to change the way you fight.

We have made various modifications throughout the stage, but the highlight of this stage is the significantly revamped Mountain Area, offering battles in terrains with more depth, including caves, rocky cliffs, and pillars.

We hope you enjoy battles in this environment, more three-dimensional than ever before!


In addition, we have made two major changes to the Ranked Match system.


First, we have added a new rank tier.

Until now, there have been four rank tiers: Beginner Rank, Amateur Rank, Pro Rank, and Ace Rank. As the number of players has increased, the gap between the Pro and Ace ranks has become wider, to better match players with opponents of the most appropriate ranks, we have created Expert Ranks between the Pro and Ace ranks.

  • Expert Rank I
  • Expert Rank II
  • Expert Rank III


※Ranks increase in the order of Expert Rank I, II, and III.


Corresponding to the introduction of the Expert Rank, we have prepared costumes as rank-up rewards, so we hope you are eager to take part and enjoy these new ranks. Aside from that, we are aware of the various feedback regarding matchmaking.

In the current matchmaking, in addition to rank, we also consider factors such as the results of a certain number of recent matches to determine the skill of the players, and we try to match people whose skills are as close as possible based on their overall results and skill. Even so, there may be some deviations depending on the time slot, but we will continue to optimize the matching process as needed, so we thank you for your understanding.


The second point is the entry fee for ranked matches. We are aware that using new or unfamiliar characters in ranked matches can be challenging for some players, and they may be hesitant to use these characters in ranked matches.

To alleviate this concern, for up to a certain rank, we have reduced the entry fee for ranking matches for players using specific characters or specific Quirk sets that are set for each season. Therefore, by possessing specific characters or Quirk sets, you can enjoy reduced entry fees and more easily earn rank points, making it more efficient to climb the ranks.

Even if you want to use the same specific character as other players when forming a team, to prevent unfairness, please rest assured that if you "possess" the specific character or "quirk" move set, you can enter the ranked match with the cost reduction still applied.


Aside from this, we are also fixing other bugs and adjusting the balance of characters, please refer to the patch notes for details.


We will continue to make improvements so that more players can enjoy the game.

We hope you will continue to enjoy MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE.



MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC


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For the very first time, a free to play battle royale based on the hit anime series! As a hero, or as a villain, challenge other players in MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE.

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