Fight for your Clan! The VERTEX online event starts today in JUMP FORCE!

18 April 2019

Rush to the new Clan Counter available in the Jump Force base to create or to join a clan, and fight to collect Clan Points until the 22nd of April - 07:59 (Central European Summer Time).
The more you collect, the better your clan’s rank will be!


Clan Points?
Clan Points can be earned by battling online, purchasing items in shops, or performing various challenges and tasks. Clan Points owned can be checked anytime from the Vertex section of the rank board.
Ranks and promotions
Clan ranks are Bronze, Silver, gold and Platinum and are determined by the amount Clan Points owned by the members of the clan. At the end of the event period, the clans in each rank will be either promoted or demoted based on their performances.


Rank Up Conditions:
Bronze          Top 20%       Promoted to Silver
Silver            Top 10%       Promoted to Gold
Gold              Top 5%      Promoted to Platinum

Rank Down Conditions:
Silver            Bottom 20%    Demoted to Bronze
Gold              Bottom 10%   Demoted to Silver
Platinum        Bottom 5%     Demoted to Gold


Rewards will be distributed after the end of the event, so from 08:00 Central European Summer Time on 22nd April
All participants will receive Skill Energy Red x10, Skill Energy Blue x10 and Skill Energy Green x10


Few tips before you go

  • You can create or join a clan at the Clan Counter,
  • After joining a clan, you can participate in various clan-exclusive activities such as clan chat and clan boosts.
  • Earning Active Points while you are in a clan also gives you an equal number of Clan Points. Don’t forget that higher clan ranks wield you more Gold!
  • Clan boosts are activated by spending Gold and give helpful benefits to your whole clan. The higher your clan's rank, the more effective these boosts will be!
  • Clan Rank changes in accordance with Vertex results.


We wish you good luck in the new Vertex Event, may your clan prevail!

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