GOD EATER 3 - Patch Note of Free Update Ver. 2.30

GOD EATER 3 - Patch Note of Free Update Ver. 2.30 details :



  • Additional episode “Traversing the Past” ~ Episode Phym ~ has been added.
  • New extra mission has been added featuring Aragami “Ashwrought Aragami Melammu Marduk” appears.
  • New mission in “Challenge to the Hounds” has been added.
  • New certification missions 41-43 have been added             
  • New time attack missions EX19-EX22 have been added
  • New special mission has been added



  • New Aragami “Ashwrought Aragami Melammu Marduk” has been added.



  • Aerial enemies have been added in the preview mode
  • “Hold on!” feature to Phym has been added
    • You can select “Hold on!” or “Come here!” beside Phym in the base.
  • The feature to change the visual effect level has been added (available in PlayStation 4 and Steam version only)
    • You can select “Standard” or “Low” in Option > System > Visual Effects
  • New tracks have been added to Juke Box
  • New costumes and accessories have been added
  • The cap of God Arc parts “+” has been raised to 50 (after finishing “Traversing the Past ~Episode Phym~)
  • New skills of Abandoned God Arc have been added
  • Custom Bullet duplication feature has been added
    • You can confirm, arrange and save the custom bullet registered on the other players’ avatar card in your storage.


Balance Adjustment

  • Adjustments on how to receive GAP
    • You can receive GAP through missions “Urgent: Snack Collection 1” and “Urgent: Snack Collection 2” any number of times.
  • Adjustment on the consumed amount of stamina
    • Buckler: 20 -> 12
    • Shield: 25 -> 15
    • Tower Shield: 30 -> 18


Release Date:
Create your character, and fight for the survival of human-kind in GOD EATER 3. Select your weapon from a wide range of God Arcs and face brand new Aragamis in dynamic high-speed battles.