GOD EATER 3 – Update 1.20

15 March 2019

GOD EATERS! A big new update is coming for GOD EATER 3 today, March 15th. You can find here some information about these changes:

A new Aragami Approaches – Amen-Ra: An Ash Aragami that threatens to plunge everything into the abyss with its blazing orbs . A crimson horn made of highly concentrated crystal positioned atop its head is a symbol of the exceptional energy Amen-Ra possesses. 

God Eater 3 - New Aragami

Certification Mission – Get “certified” by completing the mission at higher difficulties and unlock new rewards.

New Skin Tones for your Character – Change the complexion of your created GOD EATER.

Password Protection for your Assault Missions – Add a password for your created Assault Missions.

New NPC costumes – Some of your favorite NPCs can now sport new looks.

God Eater 3 - New costumes

New hairstyles and accessories – Even more customization options are available for your GOD EATER.


Balance Update:


  • Adjust Havakiri’s movement and AI
  • Adjust Nemain’s section HP.
  • Adjust Ash Aragami’s frequency of devour attack



  • Charge time of each devour action will be shortened, and make the motion speed faster when dealing devour attack and after it.
  • Motion of dealing shield guard will gets faster
  • Shortened the knockback distance of“normal guard” and “perfect guard”
  • Enable to turn around when dealing guard duringjump.
  • Adjust the activate condition of some acceleration trigger.
  • Add advanced guard to Buster Blade
  • Add advanced step and advanced jump to Short Blade
  • Make the cancellation timing faster after launching Impulse Edge of Long Blade
  • Make the dealing motion of long blade’s zero stance faster
  • Shortened the charge finishing time to Charge Spear
  • Extend the time of inputting a button of Variant Scythe’s


 Burst Arts “Hell or Heaven” 

  • Powering up Biting Edge
  • Adjust Link Burst Rounds not to be disappeared when touching a field
  • Adjust healing property module not to be disappeared when touching a field
  • Adjust the motion speed of “begin to walk” and “begin to run” at base”
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  1. Nana Yabisnis
    2 months 1 week

    Costumes - flippin' finally!! <3
    Now I just gotta wait for the story update that gives me Kanon ...

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