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Family Trainer is out now, new live action trailer available

Today marks the release of Family Trainer. The game will let players exercise on a host of mini-games and modes, either alone, with a friend or pit two players against themselves as they try to outdo each other.


As seen in the launch trailer, Family Trainer will offer various modes, for both single and multiplayer*. The Outdoor Adventure mode, which comes with a set of mini-games grouped per level or that can be totally personalized, can be played in both solo and multiplayer. Other Multiplayer modes also let players decide to either face each other in Friend Battle or focus on collaborative mini-games with Teamwork. More single player modes include the Exercise Training mode letting players go on a training routine, and Free Play where mini-games can be enjoyed on their own.


Family Trainer is available now on Nintendo Switch. The game requires a set of Nintendo Joy Con controllers and a leg strap to be played, both of which can be bought separately.


*Multiplayer mode requires two sets of Nintendo Joy Con Controllers


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Get ready to take on the great outdoors anywhere, now that Family Trainer is back on the Nintendo Switch™!