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Discover Family Trainer gameplay, modes and mini-games in this new trailer!

In this new trailer, players can discover some of the mini-games as well as the main modes that they will be able to enjoy alone of with friends in Family Trainer.


The Multiplayer mode* will let two players go on the Outdoor Adventure mode, which comes a set of mini-games grouped per level or that can be totally personalized. Multiplayer also lets players decide to either face each other in Friend Battle or focus on collaborative mini-games with Teamwork. While single player also offers the Outdoor Adventure mode, it also let players go on a training routine with the Exercise Training mode, or just enjoy mini-games in Free Play.


Family Trainer will be released on Nintendo Switch on September 3rd 2021, and is currently available for pre-orders at participating retailers. The game requires a set of Nintendo Joy Con controllers and a leg strap to be played.


*Multiplayer mode requires two sets of Nintendo Joy Con Controllers


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Get ready to take on the great outdoors anywhere, now that Family Trainer is back on the Nintendo Switch™!


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