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ELDEN RING: Introduction to the Multiplayer System




Welcome to ELDEN RING, a game that allows you to explore the high fantasy realm of the Lands Between. This vast continent is full of excitement and challenging adventures. It is certainly possible to take on the quest to unite this land and become the Elden Lord on your own, but that is not your only option. There is a rich multiplayer system available to you if you play online, and this article will help you learn how to use it.


Broadly speaking, there are three main forms of multiplayer in ELDEN RING: cooperative, competitive, and rescue. We will look at each of them in turn.


Playing Cooperatively


elden ring Playing Cooperatively


For most players, getting started with multiplayer means inviting another player into their game to play alongside them cooperatively. You can invite a specific friend who is playing on the same platform or, if you prefer, try inviting a random person who has turned on their cooperative multiplayer mode. You can have up to two cooperative guests in your game at a time.


For another player to join you cooperatively, you must both be in approximately the same area of the game. For example, near the same site of lost grace. The player who wants to join you will need to use the Tarnished Furled Finger to place a golden sign on the ground. At the same time, you should use a Furled Finger Remedy. After a few moments, their golden sign should appear at the same location in your game.  When the sign appears, walk up to it and interact with it to bring the other player into your game. Repeat the process for a second player if needed.


When hosting another player, you will not be able to use Torrent to move around. Fast travel will also be blocked until all guest players have left your game.


A guest player will remain in your game until certain conditions have been met. If you or your guest is killed, they will need to place another sign to return to your game. You can also remove guests from your game by using the Finger Severer item.


Aside from death, disinvitation, or internet interruption, the other condition that will end a cooperative session is the defeat of an enemy that is considered a boss or mini-boss. Usually, this type of enemy can be found beyond a fog barrier, but there are also wandering bosses and mini-bosses that can be encountered in the open world areas.


Somewhere in the vicinity of these types of enemies, it’s often possible to find a small stone crucifix. These markers indicate a summoning pool, a place where players can submit their signs with a Small Golden Effigy for cooperative play or a Small Red Effigy for competitive play. If you wish to invite a random player to assist you with a particular boss or mini-boss enemy, use a Furled Finger Remedy near one of these pools to see signs that are available to pick up.


If you prefer to join another player’s game as a cooperative guest, then reverse the instructions above. If you want to play exclusively with your friends and not see signs from strangers or be invited to games by strangers, you can put a friend password into the settings, and you’ll only see signs or receive invitations from players who are using the exact same password. More on this feature later on.


When you’re invited to another player’s game as a cooperative guest, you’ll appear as a golden spirit. In this state, you’ll have access to your full inventory, but your number of flasks will be cut in half, rounded down. This means that if you have three Crimson Flasks in your own game, as a guest you will only have access to one Crimson Flask.


As a guest, you’ll receive important rewards for helping your host kill boss monsters and invaders. And speaking of invaders, now’s a good time to start talking about…


Playing Competitively


elden ring Playing Cooperatively


When you activate cooperative multiplayer as a host or as a guest, you have the chance to run into competitive visitors, also known as invaders. Invaders are randomly summoned to join the game of a host with one explicit goal: kill the host.


Invaders can only join games that have been opened to them in one way or another, typically by a host inviting a guest for cooperative play.


You can indicate that you wish to invade by using a Bloody Finger or a Small Red Effigy. Using a Bloody Finger or a Small Red Effigy will automatically summon you to an eligible host’s game as soon as one is available. Just like a guest, invaders also have access to their inventory, but their flasks will also be halved.


If you want to try to invade someone’s game, there are a few things to keep in mind. As an invader you will appear as a red spirit so the host and their guests will be able to identify you on sight. There is a limit of four players in a single multiplayer session, so if a host already has two guests when you invade you could be fighting three opponents at once. Make sure you’re prepared for that kind of challenge before you attempt to invade a random game.


Because of this possible two-vs-one or three-vs-one situation, invading can be quite difficult. However, you have some tools you can use to balance the scales a bit. For example, as an invader you are immune to aggro from all monsters and bosses. You can join groups of attacking monsters to strengthen your position and help fend off the guests as you try to take down the host.


You will also receive a Phantom Bloody Finger that can be used 10 times inside a host’s world. When used, the Phantom Bloody Finger will quickly teleport you away from your current location and towards a local spawn point near the host. You can use this item in two ways: either to get closer to the host if they have moved far away from you or to quickly escape from a dangerous situation if your opponents are too aggressive.


If you manage to defeat the host, you will receive a hefty reward in runes, a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and a Rune Arc — an important item that activates certain game features. It is possible to earn Rune Arcs and Furlcalling Finger Remedies through cooperative play as well.


There are also situations where hosts can intentionally summon invaders. Hosts can use the Taunter’s Tongue to open their world to invaders without needing to summon a cooperative partner, which could result in as many as three invaders in the host’s world at once. Some people may use this item to host player fight clubs, so if you find yourself in a world where invaders are fighting each other, it might be a chance to test your dueling skill!


If you discover that dueling is your passion, you can also use the Duelist’s Furled Finger to put down a red sign that other duelists can activate to summon you to the same location for a fight.


Rescue Play


If you don’t feel like accompanying someone on all their adventures but you also don’t want to invade a host, you do have a third option.


Players who wear the Blue Cipher Ring can be summoned by hosts who wear the White Cipher Ring when they are invaded. When using this ring, you will appear in the host’s world as a blue spirit, known as a hunter. As a hunter, your goal is to destroy any invaders who have joined the host’s world.


If the hunter and the host are successful at defeating the invader, you will be rewarded as a successful cooperative player would be, with runes, a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and a Rune Arc.


Final Notes


elden ring multiplayer guide final notes


There are two other important tools that you can use to customize your ELDEN RING multiplayer experience: Passwords and Group Passwords.


By including a password in your game settings, you will only see golden or red signs from other players who use that exact same password in their own settings. The password is case sensitive. Setting a password will not prevent you from being invaded by random players when summoning cooperatively.


Additionally, you can set a Group Password. A Group Password will prioritize bringing other players with the same Group Password into your world, both as cooperative guests and also as invaders. You can use a Group Password to have a greater chance of randomly invading your friends!


Group Passwords will also try to show you red and gold signs, bloodstains, spirits, and messages from others with the same password, and those interactive elements will have a special ring indicating that they are pulled from your group.

If no one with your Group Password is available to be summoned, then guests and invaders will be pulled from the summoning pool of all available players.


You can have both a password and a Group Password at the same time, however, the password will take precedence when displaying summoning signs.


And there you have it! A general overview of using the multiplayer systems in ELDEN RING! We wish you many hours of enjoyment, collaboration, and excitement in the Lands Between.


elden ring multiplayer guide


The wait is almost over. Soon you’ll venture into the Lands Between and strive to become its Elden Lord. Stand ready, Tarnished, and prepare to claim what fate has promised you.


ELDEN RING is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via STEAM.


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