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ELDEN RING - How to Strengthen Your Character in SHADOW OF THE ERDTREE



In the Expansion SHADOW OF THE ERDTREE, players can be strengthened by collecting and using “Scadutree Fragments” and “Revered Spirit Ash.”
If you get stuck in the game, explore various areas and look for the items “Scadutree Fragments” and “Revered Spirit Ashes,” which are necessary to strengthen your character in the Realm of Shadow.
Note: This enhancement is only available in Expansion areas.


Shadow Realm Blessing

elden ring shadow realm blessing

The “Shadow Realm Blessing” increases a character’s abilities to deal and negate damage.
The item required to activate and level up your “Shadow Realm Blessing,” which are named “Scadutree Fragments,” can be found in the Church of Marika and other places.

Revered Spirit Ash Blessing

The “Revered Spirit Ash Blessing” increases the ability of your summoned spirits and your spectral steed to deal and negate damage.


Elden Ring revered spirit


The item “Revered Spirit Ash,” which is required to activate and increase the “Revered Spirit Ash Blessing” can be obtained from the corpses of hornsent and other objects that ritually decorate townships and villages across the Realm of Shadow.


Elden Ring Gravesite Plain


If you are near the early Site of Grace “Gravesite Plain,” you can obtain “Scadutree Fragments” from the Church of Consolation and “Revered Spirit Ash” from the corpse of a hornsent on the edge of the Scorched Ruins.


Elden Ring Scadutree


‘Scadutree Fragments” and “Revered Spirit Ashes” may also be dropped by enemies.


Elden Ring Blessings


Once you have obtained these items, you can activate or increase your blessings from the Site of Grace menu.




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