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Elden Ring - How to enter the Realm of Shadow



This expansion upon the original story of Elden Ring takes place in a forgotten land veiled in the Shadow of the Erdtree.


After defeating Mohg, Lord of Blood, and approaching the cocoon in the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, you will be greeted by the enigmatic Leda and invited to join her compatriots as they trace Miquella’s footsteps through the Shadow Realm in hopes of ascertaining the missing god’s fate.


The search will not be an easy one—new dangers lie in wait around every corner, and the embers of an ancient war between the Golden Order and the people of the Realm of Shadow still smolder on this forsaken plane.


Arduous though the path may be, however, you need not walk it alone: the followers of Miquella will each provide their own form of support or guidance as you unravel the land’s mysteries.


In addition, two character progression systems exclusive to the Shadow RealmScadutree Blessings and Revered Spirit Ash Blessings—enable you to even the odds against the brutal foes that lie in wait, and you’ll find a generous selection of new equipment, spells, Skills and Ashes of War with which to expand your tactical options or simply add a touch of flair to your fashion.




Accessing the Shadow Realm

To enter the Shadow Realm and begin your exploration of this new region, you’ll need to defeat two significant bosses: Starscourge Radahn and Mohg, Lord of Blood.


In case you’ve haven’t already accomplished these feats, we’ll provide a brief overview of the required steps here:


Starscourge Radahn

In order to take down Radahn you’ll need to first gain access to the fight by traversing Redmane Castle in Caelid while the Radahn Festival is active.


It becomes active either by interacting with and completing some of Ranni the Witch and Blaidd the Half-Wolf’s questlines (up to the point of being informed by Sorceress Sellen that Radahn will need to be defeated in order to enter Nokron), or by communicating with Witch Hunter Jerren and Blacksmith Iji after starting Ranni’s questline and initiating the festival that way.


Alternatively, you can simply enter Altus Plateau, rest at any Site of Grace in the area, and then go to Redmane Castle to find the festival active, whether or not you’ve done any quests. 


Starscourge Radahn


Mohg, Lord of Blood

To battle Mohg, Lord of Blood, you’ll need to first venture to Mohgwyn Palace, either by way of the Sending Gate in the Consecrated Snowfield, or by following White Mask Varré’s questline to the point of receiving the Pureblood Knight’s Medal and then using it to travel to the palace directly.


Once there, you’ll need to make your way through the area in order to find and defeat him. 


Following Mohg’s defeat, you’ll be able to interact with the arm hanging out of the cocoon to be transported to the Shadow Realm.







Traveling Between the Realms

Once you rest at any Site of Grace in the Realm of Shadow, you will be able to fast travel between the Lands Between and the Realm of Shadow using your map.


If you happen to die in the Realm of Shadow before touching a Site of Grace, you will need to return to Miquella’s cocoon to enter the realm again.





New Blessings

Along with the traditional means of increasing your strength by leveling up, within the Shadow Realm you’ll be able to obtain rare items that can impart major benefits to you—though only while you’re in the region.


These new items are called Scadutree Fragments and Revered Spirit Ashes.


Once you find one of them you’ll need to rest at a Site of Grace to access the new “Shadow Realm Blessing” menu option, within which you’ll be able to apply the items and receive their benefits.

The blessings from both items are active at the same time, so there’s no need to choose which one to benefit from. Accessing higher levels of the blessing requires spending more of the items, however, starting at just one for the initial levels and increasing to three for the highest ones.


Note that if you return to the Lands Between, the blessings will no longer be active. 


Scadutree Fragments

Scadutree Fragments are used to increase your level of the Scadutree Blessing.


This blessing increases both the damage negation values of your character and your Attack Power.


This results in you taking less damage from enemy attacks and dealing more damage with your own attacks.


The increase is applied as a percentage on top of your base values, so regardless of your equipment, you’ll always get a big bump in survivability.


Increasing your Scadutree Blessing level can be valuable if you’re struggling to defeat a particular enemy.


The adjusted values for your character will be highlighted in yellow when you check your character in the Status section of the main menu.






Revered Spirit Ashes

The Revered Spirit Ash blessing is to Spirit Ashes what the Scadutree Blessing is to your character, increasing both their offensive and defensive capabilities to make them an even more formidable allies.


Since Spirit Ash stats are not player-facing, you cannot manually check them to see the increase, and will only notice it in their performance during battle.











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