4 pm CET, February 19th


Live Event

Red Bull Levels, the series peeling back the curtain behind video game development, will host a live event on February 19th in which key members of the BANDAI NAMCO team will join selected content creators in unpacking how one of the most anticipated games of the year came to be.



Red Bull Levels: Elden Ring will kick off at 4 pm CET, February 19th, and will give fans a unique opportunity to hear the stories of the game’s development, exclusive info and gameplay tips, along with watching some of their favourite content creators play single player, co-op and multiplayer.




Content Creators

Hosted by Aoife Wilson, internationally renowned content creators Bimon, Chusommontero, Elajjaz, Sabaku No Maiku and TonTon will join for this epic stream, ahead of the game’s launch February 25th.

Tonton Tonton
Elajjaz Elajjaz
Sabaku Sabaku
Chuso Chuso
Bimon Bimon

Each creator will have time to try out and start to master their chosen class.

Fans will get to see extended gameplay ahead of launch, but also hear commentary from the minds behind the game.

Besides the class deep dive, the stream examines the lore, where the team will break down how they’ve worked with legendary fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin on building a world rich with engaging themes and stories.

The content creators will also check out the multiplayer features, where they will delve into Limgrave cooperatively in a team of two and a team of three, before testing out Elden Ring’s PvP system.





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