New online features announced for DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ

1 March 2018

In DRAGON BALL FighterZ players seeking to relive the glory of past fights can now enjoy new replay functionalities with an updated Followed Player Channel and new Search Channel features. The Party Match feature enables players to be automatically matched up with five other players without having to create a dedicated room. Furthermore, the Anime Music Pack featuring a total of 11 well-known songs from the original Anime of DRAGON BALL, DRAGON BALL Z and DRAGON BALL GT is now available as a paid DLC for all players. Fight to the sound of your favorite Openings and Endings ("CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA", "WE GOTTA POWER" etc…) but also some of the most iconic background music. The ultimate dream for every DRAGON BALL fan and a real treat for the ears!

More fun for everyone