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DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT + A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET latest trailer explores the various features and content of the Nintendo Switch edition

DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT + A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET offers a complete RPG experience embarking players on the epic Dragon Ball Z story. Players will be able to fight and evolve Goku, not only through battle & training but also by other means like cooking, the Super Attack Skill Tree and the Community Board.


Goku hunts animals,  dinosaurs and fish to create dishes that will give him permanent power ups. The Super Attack Skill Tree will allow players to enhance the super attacks learned through training or develop new skills, by making use of the Z orbs that can be found in the world or obtained by defeating enemies. On the Community Board, players can see the different Soul Emblems earned through  interacting with the various characters of the Dragon Ball universe and use them to get bonuses; with some specific  combinations will reward the player with  additional power ups.


DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT + A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET on Nintendo Switch also comes with new features and content. The game will automatically include the Boss Battle Episodes  “A New Power Awakens Parts 1 and 2”, where it will be possible to fight both the God of Destruction Beerus and Golden Frieza in their respective chapters. The game will also allow players to choose their difficulty level from the start of the game and will offer 2 new sub-stories: After completing them, Gotenks and Vegito will become playable characters.


Pre-orders for the game will also include an additional sub-story titled “A Competitive Party with Friends”,  a cooking item improving players’ stats , 10 D-Medals and early access to the training with Bonyu, a new original character design from Akira Toriyama.


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DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT is an all-new Action-RPG recounting the beloved story of DRAGON BALL Z like never before.

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