DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 (PS4) moves to a new server

This is a call for all Time Patrollers in activity in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Conton City is going to switch to a new dimension…err server on 20th March.
All you need to know about this migration is available below. Hit the comment box or get in touch with our Customer Support for any question you may have regarding this migration.

Why moving to a new server?
The Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PS4 server is managing thousands of data from Times Patrollers’ missions and fights across time and space. Today we need to move it to migrate to a new server to get more space and to keep up its performances.

What should I do to move the new server?
You will just have to select ‘New Conton City’ when logging into the Online Servers after 20th March.
To prepare the migration and minimize the impact of the data loss, we suggest you to keep a copy of your Favorite List of players to be able to get in touch with them again on the new server. We also suggest you pay a visit to Time Service to collect all the presents that you may have not collected yet.

What will happen with the current server? Will it be closed?
The current server will remain available, however keep in mind that no more updates or online events will be deployed on this server.
From 20th March, you will be given the choice to select ‘Original Conton City’ or ‘New Conton City’. You can choose to move from ‘Original Conton City’ to ‘New Conton City’ anytime.
Crystal Raid, Online Matching, Parallel Quests, and Expert Missions will remain available in ‘Original Conton City’.

As of today, there is no date announced for the termination of the ‘Original’ Conton City.

What am I going to lose when I will switch to the new server?
The following information will be lost during the migration:

  • Unlimited Rank Match Point
  • Results of the Tenkaichi Tournament
  • Online Event Rankings
  • Present History
  • Presents remaining in the Time Service
  • Online Titles
  • Favorite List History
  • Players Met History

How are you going to compensate for the loss of data?
We will be giving out 500 TP Medals to users who log into the New Conton City between 20th March 07:00 CET and 20th April 15:59 CET.

We will also bring back events that will reward users with Online Titles, for a chance to collect back the ones they may have lost from the migration. This is also a chance for new players to participate to these events if they never had the chance. Online Events details will be communicated later on.

I play Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 offline, do I need to migrate to the new server?
No you don’t. When you’ll choose to play Offline after 20th March, you won’t be given the choice between ‘Original Conton City’ and ‘New Conton City


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