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DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS - Discover the first Patch Note thanks to the Closed Beta's feedbacks!



Future Improvements Based on Closed Beta Test


Thank you for participating in Closed Beta Test which was held in December 2021 and we appreciated your valuable feedback. Based on it, below will be a look back on the Closed Beta Test and explanations about the improvements. We would like to share the improvements reflected in reference to your feedbacks.



  1. Main Future Improvements
  2. Looking back at closed beta test
  3. Improvements on Survivor's Understandability
  4. Improvements on Controls and UIs
  5. Adjustment of Game Balance
  6. Improvements on matching
  7. Others


■ Main Future Improvements ■


  • Improvements on the understandability of Survivor actions
  • Improvements on the usability of controls and UIs
  • Adjustment on game balance
  • Improvements on matching and role priority function
  • Other improvements



■ Looking back at closed beta test ■ 


First of all, below will be the partial results of the survey done after closed beta test.


  • Survivors cannot runaway from Raider when suddenly attacked

This voice was strong especially from the Survivor side and almost 40% of the players has replied this way.

On the other hand, we collected data as below.



Survivor's number of games vs winning rate as Survivor






The graph shows that the Survivor's winning rate is increasing as the number of match played increases. The Survivor's winning rate was 12% at the beginning of the Closed Beta Test, but the total winning rate of Survivors who have played about 30 matches has increased to about 30%. These results show that winning rate of Survivors improves greatly based on the level of game understanding.


Therefore, instead of adjusting the game balance between Raiders and Survivors, we will first structure an environment to improve the flaws which prevent players to fully understand the game quickly.






■ Improvements on Survivor's Understandability


There will be a "Practice mode" implemented in the game, where you can freely control your customized character’s moves and practice using them.

In the Practice Mode, players can take their time to practice on actions, skills, evasion tactics when attacked by Raider even Dragon Change, without worrying about winning or losing. You can also gather up to 8 players and practice in a game match using regular rules.






A prologue (acting as tutorial) will also explain the worldview and the background of why Survivors are in this situation, can also be played from this CNT along with the control explanations. By using the practice mode and playing the prologue, you can improve your gameplay style as Survivor. We hope you will take the advantage of it!



  Improvements on Controls and UIs ■


Below will be some of the various UI changes in the game.


  • UI controls for item has greatly changed.






  • The button has changed to a single button so that Dragon Change can be activated more easily.






  • Display has been adjusted so that players can see the area from the above of the map.





  • Survivors’ communication tool, (the Signal), has been changed to below 4 options:
  1.  Let's fight!
  2.  We need to escape!
  3.  Copy that!
  4.  I'll handle this!


In addition, the Signal message will appear on the top right game screen.

We hope that this change will allow more effective communication.



  • An Indication of button suggestion has been added in the following situations:
  1.  When getting off from the vehicle
  2.  When escaping by the Time Machine
  3.  When controlling the scale of Dragon Radar
  4.  When controlling the grappling device
  5.  When landing by the Saiyan Pod


  • Trunk's voice guide has been added. Trunks’ voice will guide the Survivors to the next step in the match.


  • Item name has been changed to below:


  Golden Launcher → Super Rocket Launcher

  Golden Drink → Super Cooldown Drink

  Dragon Radar → Dragon Radar Lv. 1

  Powerful Radar → Dragon Radar Lv. 2

  Golden Radar → Dragon Radar Lv.3

  Rescue Radar → Civilian Radar





Adjustment of Game Balance


As mentioned earlier, the game balance between Raider and Survivors will be adjusted after improving the game’s understandability, controls and game UIs.


- Adjustments for Survivor -


◆ Addition of specific condition for Time Machine beacon to appear

The beacon will appear during the search phase depending on the number of survivors remaining.

The following changes have been made:

 3 survivors remaining →  1 beacon will appear

 2 survivors remaining → 2 beacons will appear

 1 survivor remaining → 3 beacons will appear


Depending on the situation, Survivors can choose to either “continue searching for Power Key" or "escape by Time Machine", making it possible to deal with the Raider who ambushes.


◆ Adjustment on supply appearance timing and number of items

Supplies, which usually appeared 90 seconds after entering the defense phase, will now appear at different timing depending on the game state: the appearance timing of the supplies and items will change depending on the game situation.

This way, we expect to avoid the match becoming one-sided game.


◆ Adjustment on Reviving

These adjustments were made in order to facilitate reviving actions.

  • Even if Survivors stop in the middle of reviving, the gauge’s progress will be maintained.
  • A battle item, the "Senzu Bean", has been added to allow players to immediately revive other players. The "Senzu Bean" can also be used on yourself before the Raider gives the finishing blow.
  • The icon of a revived player has been changed.  
  • Adjusted to prioritize reviving the players instead of picking up items when a button is pressed near the fallen player.


◆ Adjustment on melee attacks on Raider

Fixed a phenomenon in which multiple players could beat down the Raider by connecting attacks.


◆ Adjustment on the bike siren sound

The siren sound is now turned off.


◆ Adjustment of the footsteps

The footstep sound while crouching has been lowered.



- Adjustments for Raider -

◆ Adjusted the distance of the camera

The camera distance when playing the Raider has been adjusted.

When the size of the body changes with each evolution, larger character was hard to see during battle actions. Therefore, the camera distance has been adjusted to make it easier to see according to character size.



- Survivors and Raider -

◆ Adjustment on the Startup System in the defense phase

The progress of the destruction gauge of Raider has been divided into three stages and the destruction progress will maintain by proceeding until a certain level.  In order to balance out the game on Survivor side, the progress speed to activate the Startup System has increased.


Speed adjustment of Raider/Survivors

The speed of Raider has been adjusted by decreasing the speed in the early level and increasing the speed as it evolves. Also, when there is a difference between the Raider's evolution level and the Survivor's change level, we have made adjustment to make it easier for the higher level to catch up.


◆ Balance adjustment on skills

Below skill has been adjusted.


Grappling Device

As of direction, we have modified the function of this item so that it can be used while running away from the Raider.

  • Grappling can now on be held while moving.
  • The distance of movement has been expanded.
  • The speed will rise depending on the traveling distance.
  • User will not fall back when taking damage for a short period of time immediately after the move.


Saiyan Pod

  • Shortened the invincibility when riding on Saiyan Pod.
  • Pods will now automatically jump up after a certain amount of time has elapsed.
  • After boarding, the drop point is now selected from the center of the area.


Wall of Defense

  • Adjusted the defensive time as it was set for a long time compared to the movement.


Krillin's Shoe

  • Adjusted so that Survivors cannot be locked for a certain period when the Raider is hit by the shoe.
  • Game screen effect has been adjusted as well.


Solar Flare

  • The screen effect that takes away visibility from the Raider has been adjusted to be longer.


Ki Detection

  • According to the evolution level of the Raider, the range of detection will differ.
  • The lower the level, the smaller the range to detect.
  • The detection time is now constant even when the Ki detection is interrupted by an action.    
  • Survivors who are down can now be distinguished.


Ki Tracking

  • The appearance of an enemy out of sight when seen through obstacles or by Ki Detection have been changed to make it easier to determine if an enemy is down, out of combat, etc.



  • Increased the amount of evolution energy that automatically increases.
  • Slightly adjusted the growth curve when skill level increases. After looking at the overall balance, since there were cases when evolution was considerably delayed in bad cases, we have adjusted the evolution speed to be slightly averaged including the "Life Absorption" mentioned below.


Life Absorption

  • Decreased the amount of evolutionary energy increase when Civilians are absorbed.


Ki Control

  • Slightly adjusted the growth curve for increasing skill level.




◆ Balance adjustment on items


Dragon Radar

  • Radar can be used around the center of the area and by looking at the ground.
  • When there is a difference in altitude between the search target, top and bottom can now be distinguished.  
  • Icons and displays have been made easier to read.


Barrier Recovery Device

  • Barrier recovery device can no longer be used when the barrier is not destroyed.
  • The recovery of the barrier is now not interrupted while moving.


Cool Down Drink

Adjusted the amount of recovery depending on the change level.



◆ Adjustment on evaluation result and reward amounts


Conditions and rewards for obtaining bronze medal

The evaluation criteria has changed so that even with Bronze, players can earn reward such as Zeni and Super Warrior Spirit (a certain amount of play time is required).


Adjustment on the results of "Raider Eradicator"

The medal was awarded for hitting skills with special damage effects, such as Solar Flare, but stalling by damage from other attacks are now also rated.


Addition of "Self-Sacrifice" in the rating

The medal for "Self-Sacrifice" has been added.

It is awarded for buying time by fighting in the defense and escape phase.



■ Improvements on matching 


  • Improved the Survivor and Raider role priority function.
  • When matching communication could not be established after a minute, it's adjusted to become timeout and start matching again.
  • Improved other bugs




■ Others


Improvements on graphics

Improved the quality of the texture and the environment looks.









Improved the win/lose scene at the end

  • Adjusted to skip by pressing the button.
  • When Survivor wins, the downed player will also line up in the result scene.


Fixed and adjusted other detailed bugs






We will continue to work on making the game more equal and stress-free. 


Together with the development team, we will continue to work diligently to meet the expectations of the fans who have been looking forward to this title. We look forward to your continued support of DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS.



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