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DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS - About Various Adjustments

Concept of Balance Adjustment


In response to the results of the beta test before launch, there were many various game balance adjustments while keeping the overwhelming power of Raider and importantly considering that many Survivors can enjoy the game as well.


In the past, we have adjusted such as increasing the overall Survivor survival rate, decreasing the Raider defeat rate, increasing the Super Time Machine activation rate and many other adjustments.


Currently, we are observing survivability rate and Raider defeat rate have been increasing as the playing skills of Survivor have been improving since the game launch.







Therefore, the following adjustments are scheduled to be reflected this week on 11/11 4am CET | 11/10 7pm PST. 


Breakdown of Adjustments


1. Raised evolution speed of Raider "Cell"

 ⇒ There were many cases where Cell's naturally fast evolution speed could not be taken advantage of, so his evolution speed has been raised across the board.


2. Lowered Raider "Majin Buu" level 1 evolution parameters

 ⇒ As this Raider had an advantage even at level 1, Majin Buu's parameters have been adjusted to be more in line with the game's concept.


3. Adjusted to reduce the chances of the Survivor team being defeated early in a match

 ⇒ The likelihood of Survivors to remain alive at low transformation levels was found to vary dramatically depending on each player's individual ability, so the overall game balance has been adjusted accordingly.



Raised Evolution Speed of Raider "Cell"

  • Slightly buffed the Passive Skill "Life Absorption".


  • Slightly buffed the Passive Skill "Auto-Evolve".


  • In accordance with the above, adjusted the gauge amount needed to evolve as well as the rate at which the gauge increases.


Lowered Raider "Majin Buu" Level 1 Evolution Parameters

  • Lowered Ki Blast speed, hit detection width, attack range, and damage.


Adjustments to Reduce the Chances of the Survivor Team Being Defeated Early in a Match

  • Slightly reduced damage taken while in transformation level 1 and 2.


  • Reduced the time required to recharge the Passive Skill "Barrier Auto-Recovery".

Since the time to recover has been reduced at the base level, the percentage increase from training has been reduced.



Adjusted Various Other Skills

  • Increased the cooldown for "Capsule (Single-Wheel Motorbike)".


  • Increased the cooldown time for "Grappling Device".


  • Reduced the cooldown time for "Saiyan Pod Remote".



We will continue to monitor the changes in the environment such as based on the addition of transpheres and make overall balance adjustments.

Thank you for your continued support of DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS .





DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. 


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