Patch Notes

Code Vein : Update patch notes ver.1.20

Pre-Announcement December update patch ver.1.20


December update patch ver.1.20 is scheduled to be released around the end of December.

Update contents are as following.



New function

  • Additional body parameters for character creation mode

Additional body parameters (height, body type, body balance, face size) are available.




  • Tower of Trials

Various enemies and bosses you defeated are waiting for you in new dungeon “Tower of Trials”. “Mark of Honor” is getable as a reward for challenging the dungeon.


This is an introduction to the Tower of Trials which has been added to the Depths in update ver. 1.20.

In the Tower of Trials, player have a chance to challenge various demons and bosses they have previously encountered. This is a special Depths location where challenger must survive until they reach the Mistle at the very end. 



How to reach the Tower of Trials in the Depths

  • After defeating the boss at the Gaol of the Stagnant Blood, pick up the items “Depths“Tower of Trials” on Louis’s desk in the base.




  • Talk to Davis to access the Depths selection menu.



In the Tower of Trials, powerful enemies await you at each level. Defeat them all to advance to the next level. Enemies that appear are different in each Tower and are much stronger than when first encountered in the main story. Additionally, there are no Mistle available throughout the challenge, so make sure you prepare yourself in advance for this survival challenge.


When defeating all the enemies on each level, you may occasionally receive a “Mark of Respect”. This can also be received when playing multiplayer so please be sure to fight together with other Revenants as well. When attempting to match with other Revenants online, be sure to descend to the Depths location prior to sending or receiving a rescue signal.


Additional content

  • Additional accessory item

New accessory “YOUNG GANGAN 15th anniversary collaboration face paint” is available.



”Happy Holiday” accessary items are available.




  • ”Happy Holiday” color Blood Veil

“Happy Holiday” colors for night series Blood Veils are available.



  • Additional motion

Additional motions are available.



  • Adjusting parameters of some Blood Codes.
  • Adjusting resistance parameters of partners.
  • Allowing players to cancel regeneration while using.




Release Date:

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