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Team up and embark on a journey to the ends of hell to unlock your past and escape your living nightmare in CODE VEIN.

CODE VEIN Network Test – What you need to know

29 May 2019



My name is Iizuka and I am the producer of the highly anticipated action RPG CODE VEIN.

As we are hard at work on improving and polishing the game, we were not able to give our community any updates after the delay announcement. That is why it is my pleasure to reawaken the conversation about our game by giving out new information.


In this post I will be detailing the content that you will be able to experience during the Network Test (from May 31st 5am CEST to June 3rd 9am CEST) that was announced previously.

We also have a video detailing the content of the Network Test, so please be sure to also check it.


*Please note that the cut-scenes showcased in the gameplay video only represent a small portion of all the available scenes in the Network Test. Please play the Network Test yourself to have a more complete experience.


Experience the opening chapters of CODE VEIN

In the Network Test, the game starts in the area called “Ruined City Underground”. In the first moments of the game, the player will be introduced to the story of CODE VEIN which they can enjoy the opening chapters of while exploring a breathtakingly rich world.  

Code Vein - Network Test What you need to know


Until now we had mainly showcased gameplay that emphasized almost exclusively combat and action. Now for the first time we are proud to present gameplay that feature fully realized cutscenes intercut with exploration sections.

Code Vein - Network Test What you need to know


When exploring the environment your partner character will be accompanying you. New weapon or Blood Veils can be found by exploring the environment so the Network Test gives a good idea of what can be expected from the final game.

Code Vein - Network Test What you need to know


Moreover, in this version the players can use the character creation system at the start of the game. For many of you this will be the first time you will be able to experience the character creation system firsthand. 


Use the character creation to customize in detail your own unique character. The system is very robust and rich as it features a great variety of customization options that includes numerous hair styles, eye colors, face paints and accessories. Make sure to try CODE VEIN’s character creator.

Code Vein - Network Test What you need to know


Please note that unfortunately characters created within the Network Test cannot be imported to the full version of the game later.


Depths: Town of Sacrifice

The second area that is playable in the Network Test is called “Depths: Town of Sacrifice”.

Code Vein - Network Test What you need to know


The “Depths” area is a special zone that can be accessed by locating the map of that particular area and giving it to Davis who is waiting for the player at the base. In this special zone, the player will able to fight again all the bosses previously beaten so it is the perfect place to acquire haze, new weapons and upgrade materials.


In the Network Test, after clearing the opening chapters of the game the players will find themselves at the base from where they will be able to access the “Depths” area. All of the various terminals and facilities at the base can be interacted with so be sure to explore the base as well.


In the Network Test, the “Town of Gehenna” has been set to a special difficulty setting, so please enjoy the challenge. Upgrade your characters, awaken your Gifts and don’t forget to explore the environment as there are hidden weapons, items and upgrade materials that can be only be found here.


It is difficult prevail at first...

Make sure to level up your Revenant and upgrade your equipment properly first. The enemies that appear here are extremely powerful.

There are Mini-Bosses at every corner of the map and they need to be defeated in order to get to the final Boss.


Moreover, new Blood Veils and weapons can be found in “Depths”. After arriving at the base, a new blood code can also be found. After that, many Gifts can be learned.


Learning new gifts gives you many advantages such as upgrading abilities, increasing attacking distance, improving various moves and attacks etc...


One of the Gifts that can be learned is called “Phantom Assault” which when activated renders the player invisible for a limited time and gives an opportunity to get close to enemies before performing a slash attack. The strategic use of these types of Gifts will give the player the upper hand in combat.


Both “Ruined City Underground” and “Depths: Town of Sacrifice” can also be enjoyed in online co-op.
*In the Network Test cooperative online play can only occur between players that are in the same area.

Code Vein - Network Test What you need to know


Sign-in to gain access to the Network Test from May 31st to June 3rd, and enjoy CODE VEIN’s numerous features!


Should you wish to know more about Code Vein and its origins, have a look here!

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  1. lrdalucard
    5 months 2 weeks

    Great! You guys actually let us play with our friends this time, this was indeed a great add to the demo!
    Defenitly getting the game day 1!

  2. Nikolai Molander
    5 months 1 week

    Now that the Network Test has come to an end i wanna share some of my thoughts of my experience with the gameplay. It's is certinaly not easy to know where to start but to begin with the main menu, soundtrack and animation was really stunning and it gave me the aame type of feeling i got the when i was greeted by Dark Souls, it's like you are bound to play this game by just looking at the main menu.

    I really liked the areas, it was like every corner had a surprise for me and the environment really blended in good with what was happening around in the story we have just gotten a little bit introduced to. I really loved the enemy characters although it was a bit too repetetive, like i would love to now having to fight the same mimi boss over and over including the same enemies but this is just a Network Test and the game has yet to be released so hopefully in the full version there will be a bit more variety of different enemies that has been infected with blood thurst.

    Online gameplay worked really great and the idea with password system was a really good idea cause me and a friend of mine played alot together and summoning worked instantly, thumbs up for that.

    There were a few minor issues with the game in offline mode where when i fought the double boss (huge trolls) in the Depths with my partner Louis or Mia i noticed a bug where if the last boss is on its deathbed and you go for the killer backstab but your partner decides to attack at the same time and kills the boss, the backstab animation you tried to do hungs up and you cannot run,dodge,block or do any attacks until an enemy has hit you. The other things is frame drop issues when breaking through a huge pile of crates and when there's genereally to many effects and animations happening at the same time, and that happens when fighting the queen boss that can jump up and dissapear in the air but suddently smack you in your face with a hard drop, that's where frame drop issues happen. Other then that i am pre-ordering the game, it's a must have cause i can tell that this game is going to be huge!!

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