CODE VEIN - Introduction to Online Multiplayer

Hello, everyone.


I'm Iizuka, the producer of Code Vein.

Our network test took place few days ago. I hope you had a chance to play.

Today, I would like to tell you about Code Vein's online gameplay.

As you explore online, you can be joined by not only a companion, but also another player to fight as a team.


Rescue Signals

The online player matching is very simple.

Under the Field Menu, open Multiplayer and select "Send a rescue signal to other Revenants." That's all you need. A player matching your conditions is automatically selected and summoned to your field.

However, you can only summon another player to a field that you haven't already cleared.


Conversely, if you want to explore another player's field with them, select "Receive rescue signals from other Revenants." You will receive rescue signals from other players in fields you have already reached, and you can jump in to help them.


You can play using your own character that you created, of course.

Craft your own one-of-a-kind character and enjoy the game!


Setting Conditions

You can set conditions for player matches such as "In the same field" and "In the same region."

There is also a password system so you are guaranteed to match with only those players who have set the same password as you.

You can use this to play together with a friend.


Co-op Play with Companions

After getting matched with another player, you can explore the field with three characters: your character, your companion character, and the guest player's character.

Code Vein multiplayer


When your companion uses a Gift it also affects the guest player, so use your companion well to explore the field.


You have the option to leave your companion behind, just like in offline play.

If you want a tougher challenge, try exploring a field with just a guest character.

Note: For the network test version, you can change or disengage your companion at a mistletoe plant.


Reward Emblems

By joining a host player in online multiplayer, you can earn an item called Mark of Respect. Collect this item and exchange them for icons, titles, etc.

Code Vein Reward Emblem


Icons and titles can be made visible to other players when you are matched up. Rescue other players as much as possible so you can get rare icons and titles.



You can communicate with other players by displaying your "emotions". There are gestures, stamps, and voices. You can combine these elements to create your own unique emotions.

You'll find more stamps and voices as you progress through the game.

Code Vein Gesture


Code Vein Gestures


Of course, you can simply use a gesture on its own, or combine just a stamp and a voice.

Code Vein Emotions


Code Vein Emotions


We have provided eight palettes for emotions. We hope you will fill them with your own emotions to use in the various situations you encounter in your explorations.

Code Vein Hand-waving


Release Date:

Team up and embark on a journey to the ends of hell to unlock your past and escape your living nightmare in CODE VEIN.

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